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Your Inner Child Has a Message…..

By listening carefully to the voice of your inner child, you develop your intuition. You tune into its messages. Call it “intunition.” At the same time, you become aware of the feeling when you veer away from the child’s advice. You detune. You cease to trust yourself.
Self trust is the “engine oil” to give and receive the very best, to and from the world around you. Not-self trust means you give and receive second best at best. You undervalue yourself and your immense power.

Extract from my forthcoming book, 2012: A Twist in the Tale, that I intend to serialise on its own blogsite. Watch this space.

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Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Alchemy of Life: from Low Self Worth to Self Worth

When you filter out, ignore or deny feelings of low self worth, you filter out self worth as well. Remember, the “wet and dry” of life. You can’t know one without the other. So life is about knowing self worth and its shadow, low-self worth. When you understand both and how to transmute the shadow into light, then you understand the alchemy of life.

Image sourced from Spagyric Arts

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Love your Bubble of Fear

Allow your fear into your consciousness. Place it in a bubble. Neither attempt to hold the bubble nor prod it. Let the bubble float freely. Surround the bubble skin with love. Be patient. Wait for love’s miraculous power of osmosis to weave its magic. The fear will wave farewell.

Image sourced from Fine Art America

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Law of Reversibility – the What and How – more Powerful than the Law of Attraction

An extract from 

Defrag your Soul

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The Law of Reversibility

If situations (events and people) can affect your emotional state, then inducing that same emotional state will manifest the same events and people into your life. Manifesting is not attracting. It’s creating something that’s already there, should you really want it. It requires focus, imagination and faith – in yourself.

(But you also need to know clearly what you are manifesting.)

About the Law of Duality

To know love, for example, you need to know not-love. So learning not-love serves a purpose. You are indirectly learning about love. And you won’t experience love wholly until you complete your learning. Here lies the rub of duality. This is how life works.


Be clear that what you imagine will bring you what your soul seeks. And know that all the things that you experience – that you don’t want – serve a purpose.

The Law of Reversibility is far more powerful than the Law of Attraction. Rather than attract what you don’t have, you know you can have exactly what you want. It already exists in the field of unlimited possibilities. Manifesting requires practice, faith and imagination. Try it.

Imagination – takes place in your mind. It means place an image-in-ions (atoms). Your conscious mind passes the information (your emotional state) pertaining to that image to your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind then signals your DNA to send out the corresponding vibe to the universe.

 DNA – is your transmitter to the universe. It transmits your signal of how you are feeling in the moment – your vibe. Its signal is governed by your unconscious mind.

 Unconscious mind – passes the decisions made by the conscious mind to each and every body cell in your body. It also collects the vibes you pick up unknowingly and stores that information away too. It protects you from information that it feels you cannot cope with. All the information, good and bad, is stored away in your holographic Etheric Body. Each and every body cell is a fractal (the whole is contained in each fractal) of your Etheric Body’s hologram. 

 Body cell – Each and every body cell contains your whole life history, your memories, feelings, reactions and actions, everything that’s happened to you knowingly and unknowingly. It is placed in cellular memory.

 Vibe – is the vibration that your DNA sends out to the universe. You can increase the power of this vibe by acting as if you already have what you seek.

 Act as if – The brain executes the same neural pathways in the same way, whether you’re viewing real life situations or dreaming about them. The mind cannot tell the difference between the real world and an imaginary world. By acting as if you already have what you want in your imagination – you fool the mind into thinking the same. The conscious mind thus directs the unconscious mind to inform your DNA to send out a corresponding vibe. Over time, you attract what you want, as long as you keep faith in yourself and live your dream.

Soul – The body cells that constitute your physical body, inform your soul of the direction you seek to take. The soul cross references your intentions and behaviours with its quest – your life purpose. Soul then signals, via the mind, spirit to inform it of the new experiences it seeks to attract.

Spirit – is the force which manifests form: people things and events, to take you down your chosen life’s path, to your true self, your soul’s quest. But spirit can only manifest via the mind. The decision as to what to manifest is taken by the mind. The mind contains four things that sully spirit’s power to attract what your soul wants: guilt, anger, sadness and fear – the four seeds of karma.

Karma – you invoke a karmic response when you veer from the path of your chosen life’s journey. Karma tells you that you are allowing guilt, anger, sadness and fear to cloud your decisions; that you have gone astray.

False ego – is the keeper of guilt, anger, sadness and fear. It’s has a dual edged sword type of existence. It holds on to these negative emotions and attempts to control your mind with them. But also, it knows full and well that its purpose is to reveal the source of these negative emotions to you when the time is right – so that you can release them. In a paradoxical way, your false ego beckons your light. It knows when to submit to your light to shine within in its dark shadows. Each time you shine more light into your false ego’s shadows, you take a spiritual step on your chosen life’s journey – toward your true self.

Spiritual steps – are what you take when you allow and release all the guilt, anger, sadness and fear in your life that stops you from taking that step. Each step takes you closer to your true self.

True self – the purpose of your life is to find, open, become and express your true self. If you don’t know it already, you find the purpose of your life by following your passions. Once you find out what your purpose is, you open up it up to understand the implications it holds for you. Becoming your true self takes time. You have to find and open each spiritual step on the way. As you take each step, you become closer to your true self. You gain wisdom. You complete that step when you apply that wisdom to serve humankind. You shine. You express more of your true self – a deathless solar star.
Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Neither Feed nor Fight Fear

Spirit doesn’t work through intellect. Spirit affects feelings that pass through the mind to be interpreted and experienced. If the conscious mind is receptive to these feelings, you feel good, you can become high spirited. Your conscious mind passes the feeling of goodness to your unconscious mind – which despatches signals to your DNA to expand and increase their vibration. Your DNA rejoices. You send out a good vibe to the universe.

Image sourced from Scrape TV

When the feelings despatched by spirit touch a “nerve,” a fear, your mind becomes unreceptive. This fear passes straight down into your unconscious mind, on to your DNA, which sends out a negative vibe to the universe. It wasn’t spirit that sent you a negative feeling, it was your mind that transmuted spirit’s signal into fear. Spirit can’t force you to choose courage instead of fear. It tells you. You intuit what spirit says. Your intuition might prompt you to choose courage – but your conscious mind has power of veto. So listen to spirit carefully.

When your intuition tells you to, choose courage. And when you’re completely honest with yourself, your heart will create boundaries to protect you. Choose the courage to allow fear into your conscious psyche. Neither feed nor fight that fear. Acknowledge it and let it be. Your unconscious mind has then no negative signals to send to your DNA.

Allow fear space. Let it be. Fear that is neither fed nor fought gets “bored eventually – and leaves. Spirit rewards courage and honesty with protection.

The learning process, to allow fear space, is subtle. Fear’s subsequent release is even more subtle. It’s not an intellectual process. But once you have experienced a release, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes your fear might be unconscious. In which case go get professional help to unearth it. Find out what it is, where it came from, how you got it, who gave it you – and the impact it’s had on the decisions you make in life. And when you find out…..

Let your fear be. Take your time. Tread one step at a time with spirit. There’s a temptation to rush ahead; fill in the blanks to missing wisdom with fantasy; join dots that aren’t meant to be connected. Tread carefully, honestly, courageously and diligently. Find your truth.
Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Character Defines the Results You Attract

“…all that happens is the result of character, the only manner in which the destiny can be changed is to change the character….. the chart of birth….is merely a map of character…..(and) can be markedly altered in any direction desired.”

CC Zain[1]

Image sourced from  Spencer Hope Davis


[1] Ref: Chapter 4, Doctrine of Nativities from the book, Laws of Occultism, Inner Plane Theory and the Fundamentals of Psychic Phenomena by CC Zain, published by the Church of Light.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Original Meaning of Valentine’s Day

The ancients celebrated Valentine’s Day to acknowledge the wakening of the seed in hu-man. Deep within the ground, unable to see the light (above the surface) ahead, surrounded in darkness, the seed commits to its journey to the light of summer.


Image sourced from

Valentine’s Day  

Only Arthur, borne of truth, 

Could release the sword from the stone.

Find your truth, release light into your darkness.

Glory lies in the once-shadows now lit.


Commit to your journey;

 to break through the surface.

Allow your past to drop away.

Focus ahead, now.

Truth beckons.


Declare your intent!

Love, for Arthur.

Love, for God.

Love, the journey.

Love, the Light.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Law of Consequence

When you choose not to shine light into the shadows within your psyche, you attract people and situations that mirror those shadows. They point, to help you return, to the spiral path your soul seeks.

The path lies in front of you always. Look for it.

When you look and the time is right, your inner seer will speak.


The seer speaks from the stillness, deep down, within your body, not your mind.

Choose courage. Heed the words.

Give them the acid test for surety.

Do they uplift your, and others’, consciousness?

If so, act upon the words given.

If not, avoid; tis’ your false ego fobbing you.


You already possess the answer to every question you ask.

Tune in.

Image sourced from tompagano

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Heart Doesn’t Judge

Image sourced from

Do not analyse the effect of what happens to you.

Instead, be aware. Remain non-judgemental. You awaken to the cause of the effect.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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About Unconditional Love……

Image sourced from Iv313x

Unconditional love has neither attachment nor detachment. If you have either, you place conditions on your love. Unconditional love has passion and composure but it is neither of them. It is a higher vibration.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Neptune Plunges into Pisces, 2012-2026

Extract from Defrag your Soul:

Neptune is at its most powerful swimming in waters of Pisces with its fishes. Neptune is the most spiritual planet and the most illusionary at the same time.


 Image sourced from Templedarkmoon

Pisces is an emotional and dreamy sign – so you can think you are swimming in the seas of fun and good times without realising the sharks of karma – guilt, anger, sadness and fear lurk in the depths below.

They await to see if you swim in truth or fantasy. Do you swim in spirit or false ego? Do you trust in the Divine or manipulate the ethers for your own sensual pleasure, at the expense of others?

The key to success is DISCERNMENT.
1) that which feels right, to take you down the path to find, open, become and express your true self from….
2) that which the false ego fantasises about or pacifies your fears.

This can be very tricky, especially in affairs that are close to your heart and uncomfortable in the head. But its almost impossible to decipher when you’re split 50/50 between head and heart.

Do I love her? Do I not?
Shall I go for this job? Shall I not?
Am I being true to myself? Am I not? – This is the key question.

Discern between oneness and separateness.
Live with your vulnerabilities. Neither deny or over embrace them. Let them be okay.They/you are human. And….

Trust yourself.

Trust spirit.

Trust the Divine.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Life’s Jigsaw – Fixety or Infinity

Sourced from

Existentialism: Life’s jigsaw has an infinite number of pieces, only if we restrict ourselves to adhering to the maxim of infinity.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Client:-“I Can’t Forgive Myself.” – “You Don’t Need To.”

Image from Oneness, Conscious Choices

There’s no such thing as forgiveness. Humankind is not empowered to forgive. Tis a trick of the mind which stems from the sense of separateness.

Us and Them?  = Separateness. (ask Pink Floyd)

When someone else “trespasses against us,” we are encouraged to “forgive them.” When we trespass against others, or even ourselves, we are encouraged to repent and ask for forgiveness.

Which is why we, with good intention, choose to forgive someone else’s, or ask for forgiveness for our own, “wrong doing.” And when we try to forgive ourselves, who is forgiving whom? Do we forgive in our hearts or in our mind?

As without, so within = Oneness.

The heart does not judge. And the soul seeks wisdom, your heart’s desires, not judgement borne of separateness.

The heart only has love, for everyone and everything. The sun shines on us all, regardless of thought or deed. We love unconditionally, like the sun, when we have learned to love ourselves.

Rather than forgive, release the anger, sadness, fear or guilt within you –  replace it with passion, to transform yourself first. Raise your vibration. When enough of us focus on oneness, the vibration will spread.

So be uplifting. Transform from separateness to oneness. Journey to Love unconditionally.


Unconditional love leads to magic, divine magic – because you become the change the world awaits.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Unconscious Attracts…

With so many changes in the world around us, tis vital to focus on that which you feel you can control and influence:- namely yourself and those in your immediate sphere.

Image from Crystalinks

You may not be able to influence the chaos but You can control how You respond to it. Feelings of anger, hurt, guilt and fear move from your conscious to your subconscious and then you project them outwards subliminally.

People see your “armoured shield” not the truth within. People are less attracted to an armoured tank than the beauty of love and truth. As a tank, your influence and effective communication is thus limited, if not futile.

So what is this armour? It manifests itself in the form of guilt, anger, sadness but most of all fear. The four seeds of karma. You cannot hide but you can get lost.

If you inebriate yourself  from your negative feelings, you are in conscious denial. This does not work.

If you embrace your negative feelings, you restrict yourself from releasing them. For example, you may work long hours and completely commit yourself to avoiding failure. No matter how successful you are at avoiding that which you fear, you never release the fear.

Notice, I say “release the fear,” not “defeat it.” It takes courage to defeat fear, but it takes more courage to release it. Warriors defeat fear, alchemists release it. And in doing so they achieve fearlessness – which is not about bravery; it’s about wisdom.

On the far side of fear lies wisdom.

Release the four seeds of karma (guilt, anger, sadness and fear) and you…..
Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Return to Oneness

Love is divine. Anything that is not love, is not divine.

  • What if God does not judge man?
  • What if God empowers man to judge himself?

Imagine, if you will, a world in which all your desires are fulfilled. Everything you want, you are given. You only have visualise its image in ions, that is, use your imagination. The image manifests as strongly, and as often, as you want. You, and everyone else in such a world, can achieve, or choose to strive to achieve, fulfilment. You have the empowerment of choice. Welcome to The Desire World, a stepping stone between heaven and earth.

Mankind does not have the language to describe heaven. We are restricted to the limits, language and syntax of the mind, and its imagination.  The Desire World is thus a manifestation of heaven, in terms that the human mind can understand. In it, matter manifests ethereally as if it were real, just like in the world around us, if you can imagine such a paradox?

For instance, imagine you wanted to climb a tall mountain. The climb would be arduous and difficult. Somehow you have just enough strength, endurance, technique and wisdom to make the climb – every time and anytime you want to. Eventually you exhaust all the possible climbs this mountain offers – the steep, the long, the quick and the gentle.

In another instance, you desire a mountain that might or might not exceed your climbing capabilities. You seek a challenge that might take you beyond the limits you set yourself. Let us say that your attempt to climb the mountain fails. You halt and turn back to base camp. Or perhaps you take a tumble and fall. You spend a night in the Desire World’s virtual hospital that you have already created – just in case of such a fall. The next morning you awake, fully repaired and ready for a new climb. For in this Desire World, you do not need insurance. You can protect yourself against all eventualities. You simply go there in your imagination and desire it.

You live a life without fear, hurt, anger or guilt – because everything untoward can be averted or put right with the snap of an imaginary finger. You live a life free from all that is not love. All that exists, in the Desire World, is divine. You live, as close to heaven as you can, on earth. You can choose anything intellectual or recreational you are passionate about, for example, mathematics, crosswords, music, football, sex, stamp collecting or organic farming (to name the first few things that came into my head). The Desire World was created for “part” of you to play in safely.

That “part” of you was, and still is, an archangel archetype. It appreciates fully, the notions of desire and, abundance for all –  through a sense of “oneness.” But, as wonderful as this heaven on earth is, it has its limitations. You realise that a challenge, such as the mountain, was not a challenge after all. Because you preset the conditions and safeguards to the climb.  You enjoy the fulfilment of your passion unhindered. You climb, not climb or select an unknown result to your climb by choice.

Should you fail in your climb, there is no loss of personal pride through defeat because there is only “oneness” in heaven. Everyone in The Desire World is intrinsically linked to everyone else, through spirit. Everything desired is abundantly available to everyone through their inherent oneness. Until you choose the desire to create an emotion that had not existed before – “separateness.”

The Archangel Michael sought to extend the challenges of the Desire World by desiring separateness with tangible and emotional trophies for victory – and penalties for failure, in the form of physical and emotional pain. Pain required separateness. Because oneness means when one suffers, all suffer.

“What is (not) good for you, is (not) good for everyone.”

Thus Michael created the double bind of separateness and pain.  Personal differences in identity and power (but not honour) would evolve between entities. Separateness evolved during the latter phases of, what we call, mankind’s Lemurian Age and early phases of the subsequent Atlantean Age. By desire, separateness of consciousness designed a boundary between the individual and the divine. So God empowered man to create in his own image, with his own imagination, with his own image in ions.

Mankind was empowered to create its own boundaries. It created the walled Garden of Eden, Mother Nature. Mankind empowered itself with the will and imagination to create and destroy but by its own volition, mankind did not empower itself to transgress or destroy nature itself.  And God never withdrew mankind’s nous to tear down the garden walls, ask Pink Floyd! J, the ticket price to return from separateness to oneness.

Seperateness means me and not me, you and not you. Mankind experienced duality for the first time. But it did not lose its capacity to experience the harmony of opposites. We create warm water by creating the right mix of hot and cold water that feels temperate to our skin. We enjoy the warmth of the sun by being shielded by nature or clothing from overexposure. Mankind may have developed separateness but it never lost its capacity for temperance.  Thus temperance is a stepping stone between separateness and oneness.

Mankind evolved separateness of consciousness and the physical body to house it. Separateness of consciousness gave the individual the choice to experience personal victory at the expense of others – and block out the pain and suffering of others that their victory created.

Winning and losing, victory and defeat, joy and suffering became a personal experience. The notion of winning and losing fostered pride. From pride evolved upset: hurt, fear, anger and, later on (see next paragraph), guilt – the karmic seeds of not love.

As mankind evolved to separateness, it became more and more detached from Love. Self proclaimed political and religious leaders labelled aspects of not-love as sins. They introduced the notion of good and bad. Mankind thus evolved the notion of guilt. Individuals, representing God or the good, would judge others for their good deeds and their sins. Oligarchs would get man to feel bad about himself, which is the first step we use to control one another’s minds. And when we control someone’s mind, we disempower them.  This is not God’s way, of right divine, of love.

Your works and your devotion, faithfulness,

Your drudgery and patience under stress,

And that your final deeds shall far outshine

The first ones, when you rule by right divine.

From The Message to the Hierarchy of Helios, the sun king and regent of the fourth chakra, the heart.

  In the beginning Love resided at the heart of everything, at the core, or coeur. The core of every human is love. The core of our solar system, the sun, is love. The sun shines its light on everything and everyone, regardless of race, colour, creed, species, belief system or behaviour. The light of our truth is there to be seen unless we choose to shield our eyes from it. We receive light, or love, everyday. But we do not all accept it. those who do not choose not love.

Not love has no place in the heart (whichmay i remind you, judges not; it empowers). Instead mankind evolved the brain, the data processing centre for the mind, which became the domicile of personal joy and suffering – and the willingness to allow others to suffer through one’s petty personal desires.

Mankind’s personal desires to achieve and be victorious over one another evolved in the head.  But here lies the rub. Victory, be it a football game or a world war brings short lived self gratification and, by contrast, long term suffering. The victor’s pride and sense of achievement dwindles.

Mankind creates trophies to preserve the pride of victory, and stores them on a shelf in a cabinet, in a trophy room. Visit Manchester United or Liverpool football clubs. They have many such trophies. But they are all history or past tense. They personify a phrase I used to hear in IBM Sales Mangement meetings, “you are only as good as your next sale – or game, in football speak.”

The meaning and power of a trophy, like any fresh food in a greengrocer shop, has a shelf life. We  yearn to keep that sense of achievement and pride but we cannot. We want that feeling of victory and pride again. So we return to theatre of football or war to regain it.

We attempt to make the past tense present by winning another trophy. If we do not. our pride suffers. We get upset. So much so, we may seek revenge to regain our lost pride.

We see such wars today, based on the false ideals of right, wrong and of divine retribution, where both sides claim “God is on our side.” The victors store their trophies in the form of land, people and large private bank accounts stored away in remote untraceable bank vaults. We want more. We fight more.

And through repeated violence a minority of us has developed a lust for killing. Such is the nature of the physical world we have evolved. Such is the nature of separateness of consciousness without oneness.

By desire and design, separateness always has winners and losers until – as happened in the Desire World – mankind says

“Enough! I’ve had enough of winning and losing.

I can only exert a limited amount of power.

I can only spend a limited amount of money.

I can only create so much suffering before I kill off those over whom I am victorious.

 I can only suffer so much when I lose.

I have exhausted all the possibilities of winning and losing in the Physical World.

I now choose temperance.

I return to the harmony of opposites, the yin and yang, the will and imagination, to return to The Desire World.”

Mankind arrives at the end of the game. The time has come to gather all the pieces, the money, the cards and board of play – and put them all back in the box from whence they came. Mankind passes the game on to the next species who seek to play with it.

And this is where mankind finds itself today, at its endgame. It has two choices:

  1. Destroy itself
  2. Collect and organise all the pieces of ourselves to go back to oneness, only wiser, much wiser. Because we fully appreciate oneness for what it is, not separateness.

We are either at the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning – the never, or return to, forever.

We can choose heaven on earth.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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On Learning the Consequences of Past Lives

Last night I dreamt I visited some past lives.

A face appeared before me in the darkness.It had browny-grey colour skin, like a mummy that has been preserved. Its lips,very tightly drawn, revealed clenched teeth.You could mistake it for being the face of evil. For it has been party to many cruel acts in lifetimes gone by.

But more than that it was the face of a tortured soul that acknowledged all the pain and suffering it had caused.It had now learned all it needed to learn from the karmic responses it had attracted its way. It had atoned for its past and was ready for a new beginning. 

I asked God to bless this haggard and wizened face. I beamed my love to it. I told it that I wanted to integrate its energy into the Light, my Light.

Like sands of the desert, blown away by the wind, the face disintegrated and was no more. Hopefully never to return?

I awoke feeling calm and centred.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Epistle II, Extract by Alexander Pope

Thank you Clare Flourish for introducing this profound poem to me, about the nature of man. Image sourced from Lancashire University.

Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, 
The proper study of mankind is Man. 
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state, 
A being darkly wise and rudely great: 
With too much knowledge for the Sceptic side, 
With too much weakness for the Stoic’s pride, 
He hangs between, in doubt to act or rest; 
In doubt to deem himself a God or Beast; 
In doubt his mind or body to prefer; 
Born but to die, and reas’ning but to err; 
Alike in ignorance, his reason such, 
Whether he thinks too little or too much; 
Chaos of thought and passion, all confused; 
Still by himself abused or disabused; 
Created half to rise, and half to fall; 
Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all; 
Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurl’d; 
The glory, jest, and riddle of the world!” 
― Alexander Pope

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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(More about) Courage and Oneness

Let us recap a little about the difference between fearless and fearlessness.

Courage is a choice we take, not a trait. We can all choose courage to overcome that which holds us back.

(Image sourced from The Mystic Window.)

Only four things hold us back in life: anger, sadness, fear and guilt. But these four negative emotions do not constitute the source of what holds us back. They are its symptoms. And likewise if you look through anger, sadness and guilt you will find fear behind them. Ultimately, the only one thing holds you back in life – fear.

Behind hatred (a form of anger) lurks fear, the furthermost opposite of love.

With courage we choose to displace fear. Fear feels very real until we break through it. Then we realise it was an illusion, all along. An illusion created, by our false ego to hold us back, for a purpose.

Fear encases wisdom and learning about the futility of thoughts and actions borne out of a sense of separateness. But separateness is an untruth. And untruth breeds untruth.

The source of all untruths, in ourselves,  is the sense of separateness. And by untruth, seperateness is, as such, an illusion. When we let go of this untruth, we learn the wisdom we have hitherto denied ourselves. We are all, ultimately, of one spirit.

And when we let go of separateness, we let go of the fear it breeds.

For example, fear of isolation and being unloved.

Why do we feel the need to be loved and connected to someone else?

Answer: “because we neither connect with, or love, our true selves.”

When we learn to love ourselves, wholly, truly and unfettered, we connect to, and love, others unconditionally and immediately.

And by “love ourselves” I mean – enkindle our souls with love.

Fear is not the contents of what you will find within your darkness. It is only the encasement or packaging. It takes courage to venture into the shadows. But once through the encasement, we find wisdom eventually. We step nearer to our ultimate true selves. With hindsight we realise there was nothing to fear, about this wisdom, in the first place. Our being fearless transforms into fearlessness; not so much a state of being brave, more a state of wising up; we had nothing to fear.

The brave warrior thus transforms into the, now, wiser alchemist.

Choose courage.

Find wisdom and fearlessness.

Let go of separateness. 

Choose oneness.

Become One-Love.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Law of Attraction: Heaven on Earth

A learned friend sent me a message that coincided spookily with an experience I’d had during the night before. Her message read,

“If we do not desire something or feel a pleasant emotion about it, we do not strive to make it happen.

Passion is your power for manifestation.” 

A lot of my friend’s messages arrive when I need her wisdom most. Here’s what happened the night before.

Before I went to sleep I pleaded with spirit that I’d had enough of my desire loops. I sought help. I wanted guidance because whatever I was doing wasn’t working. I fell into a deep sleep but not for long.

I entered into a dreamworld of turmoil and darkness, inside a huge complex ethereal machine. Cogs and wheels ground away but all seemed to work against one another. Parts kept stuttering and jamming. Then they would attempt to reverse out of gear to get going again – like the inside of a huge faulty printer trying to unjam itself. The machine had almost had almost ground to a halt, almost but not completely. I awoke.

Picture sourced from manbehindthecurtain

An archangel helped me. We spoke of my desires and delineated those which belong to the upper echelons, of my desire world, from the lower. She asked me to focus on that which I really wanted in my heart of hearts. At the same time she asked me to focus on all the anger, sadness, fear and guilt I associated with NOT having what I desired.

She taught me to raise, up to spirit, all the anger, sadness, fear and guilt for one particular yearning I craved for. I became aware that releasing fear came with a consequence. I would be obliged to choose courage. mmm!?!

Nonetheless I completed her instruction. But then came the surprise. She instructed me to now raise my desire to spirit and let that go too. I paused whilst I realised that releasing desire to spirit, especially the desire for something so important to me, wasn’t easy. I had wanted that wish to come true badly.

The angel waited patiently whist I dwelt on the realisation that spirit manifests form. “Aha!” I thought. I awakened to the logic of my angel’s instruction. Spirit can only manifest a desire I own if I give it up to spirit. If I hold on to it, I offer spirit nothing to work on.

For the first time in my life I now understood, in my heart, Gandhi’s words: “ A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success. ”

I raised my palms upward above my head and raised my heart’s desire to spirit. I said it forcefully. Just in case I added the phrase, rather amateurishly, “and I really mean  it!” I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to my words.

I released my desire with all the heart I could muster. I realised suddenly how my desires had dominated my erstwhile thought world. Prior, when I yearned, or felt fearful about not receiving what I yearn for, I was in a future dream world. When I became angry, sad or felt I must be unworthy, about not getting what I yearn for, I’d been living a past memory. I’d spent little time in the present tense, the here and now, the path on which life takes place.

My passion for life was being held back. My friend’s message made me realise some words of ancient wisdom I’d pondered upon for years.

“In order to journey the path, you must develop a passion for the path (life), not your destination. You become the path.”

I thanked both my magical friends – for the abundance I’d been blessed with – two angels, one in spirit form, one in human form.

They’d taught me the secret ways of heaven on earth.

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The Law of Attraction Cannot Avoid the Law of Consequence


“I, me, not me, us, we attract everything that happens to us, every change, happy and sad. There is no such thing as random.
Life is more than the pursuit of happiness. It’s about learning wholeness. We seek to find, become and express our true selves and thus find true happiness, from within, not without.
The more we know about ourselves, warts and all, the greater the wisdom we have to achieve what we set out to achieve. When we choose courage and willpower to act on that wisdom, the closer to true happiness we become.
So life is about a continuum of choices.
And life is about becoming.
It’s a very tough climb, at times.
Seek wisdom!”

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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