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A Prayer for Living

Part-given and part-inspired by a spiritual kick up the arse, I had come my way – gratefully.

Shine on…!


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Saturn (the Lord of Karma) enters Aquarius

Chronos (Saturn) removed the sword from the stone (of the earth sign, Capricorn) overnight, coincidental with the Spring Equinox. The Lord of Karma (and Time) has entered the cold, critical and distant airs of Aquarius. He will soon be ably assisted by Ares (Mars), who shall wield the two-edged sword of magic lore, freely and possibly mercilessly.

Only truth could unleash the sword from the stone.
And where do you find truth?
In your heart, the he-arth of your body, He-Arthur.

Ares’ sword can cut those, who have lived their truth, free from the bonds of the anger, shame, hurt, and fear – that holds them back. And smite those who have lied and deceived.
Chronos will be our judge, and in my experience, will wreak karmic revenge on those who transgress the laws of light: borne of truth.

(from) The Message To The Hierarchy of Ares
Against you: some among your number cling
To evil rites, and giving way to hate
With curses would their foes annihilate
And, seeking sorcery’s fell powers to win,
Eat demons’ food and practise nameless sin;
Reform, or I shall come to you with speed
And with my magic sword confute their creed…..

Shine on!….

Image borrowed from
The Message To The Hierarchy of Ares from The Hellenic Fragments by James Morgan Pryse




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Total Solar Eclipse in North America, 21 August 2017

Time for us(a) (especially Leo’s like me) to put our arrogance, ego and beliefs aside and listen to what the Age of Aquarius (= knowledge + wisdom + science) asks of us.

Take a step back and organise yourself accordingly.

See it live…. from The Weather Channel

Shine on…!

ps We get about 10% of the eclipse in the UK.
Image courtesy of

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Solar Eclipse around 10am BST, 1 Sept 2016, in Virgo


In just under 2 hrs from now, as I draft this, we will be subject to an annular solar eclipse. Those in Africa, who will see the full eclipse, will observe a ring of fire at its zenith. Alas, we are too far north, here in the UK, to even see a partial eclipse. BUT….

It seems to be a heavy duty and complex configuration of planets going to be activated, astrologically speaking. I won’t go into the astro details but the ‘planets’, asteroids and special-points-in-space involved, include…

  • Sun/Helios – the revealer of truth who never judges but shines love and compassion
  • Moon – the queen of your emotions and emotional journey in life
  • Neptune – who influences the illusion [eg addictions, external (non-)reality] in your life so that you eventually discover truth(and is at his most powerful as he swims in Pisces)
  • Saturn – the lord of karma and its timing
  • The North Node of the lunar eclipse – influences your direction in life and brings to light things you know least about
  • Uranus – the ‘Che Guevara’ of planets who can bring about rapid, unexpected change/revolution
  • Eris – the goddess of strife
  • Juno – the goddess of relationships
  • Black Moon Lilith – the goddess of the high-most spiritual love and your innermost darkness at the same time

All but the last two have hard aspects to the Sun/Moon conjunction – which, in simple terms, means the possibility of conflict, tension, upset, strife, rebellion and revolution. BE WARY!!!

Now there ain’t a lot I want to say about what might or might not happen on a global level so I’ll stick to the advice I am trying to take heed of for myself, personally  – and I’ve already had one run in!

  • Don’t exert yourself so that you end up exacerbating any physical disability
  • You may find yourself desirous to do something which the adolescent you wants to do (eg drink, smoke, gamble et al) but the mature you is saying “hold back”. Saturn is around to help you set boundaries and keep your focus on what’s best for you, specifically your physical and emotional self. But if you step outside these boundaries then Saturn might well return any transgressions, you make, back to you – only amplified.
  • Watch your back, stay alert. Something or someone may sneak up on you and cause an upset. If you see it coming, stay cool.
  • One or all the above may invoke a disconnection. This is not because of someone being right or wrong, it’s about people not being able to see others’ perceptions.

By standing back, staying cool by rising above the situation, you will see it for what it is. And you will be secure in the wisdom it brings – so that any decisions you make, as a result, are better informed. Avoid making a rash decision which is often Mars’ wont .

One love, stay cool

Shine on…!


Paul C Burr

Business/Personal Performance Coach, Author, Public Speaker, Visiting Lecturer, Singer, Actor and Model

Facebook: Beowulf (>14,000 followers)

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Top Salespeople in the Future will Forge Truth…

Extract from Quick Guide – How Top Salespeople Sell

Picture courtesy of Electronic Payments Coalition

truth-magnifying-glassThe higher up a corporate customer’s management hierarchy you call, the more uncertainty there is to deal with. At operational levels, you deal with business unit managers who, by and large, are all measured against the same tangible yardsticks of performance.

Once above that level you deal with leaders of change who, by definition, are looking to do things that haven’t been done before. They focus on defining and creating new realities. They are the ‘harbingers’ of tomorrow’s world.

The ‘harbingers’ delve into the unknown. Their task is becoming increasingly difficult because the unknown, aided and abetted by ever increasing changes in technology, is getting larger and darker. There’s much more data about what’s going on but can it be extrapolated with confidence into the future?

There is very little data that accurately measures what the world or business may look like in anything beyond six weeks hence.

I went to series of banking seminars in and around mid 2008. Were there ‘green shoots’ appearing in the economy? Were we in an elongated dip? Were we starting a ‘double dip’? Nobody could predict accurately. Any form of optimism was mooted very cautiously. More data was called for. More analyses were completed. Did they make any of the forecasts more believable? No. Bankers and politician’s couldn’t predict the future with any sense of accuracy. They/we still can’t.

We live with more data, more unknowns and more uncertainty than we ever have because the future happens a lot more quickly than it used to.

The more uncertainty faced, the more we need to put trust in our advisors and ourselves. But trust is not truth.

Trust is the gap between what we know and what we put our faith in.

Here lies the role for, dare I say, a ‘newish’ generation of salespeople. There was a biggish fad a few years ago to develop salespeople to become ‘trusted expert advisors’. My personal experience is that you can count on one hand the number of ‘broad-based industry experts’ in, for example, a global IT sales organisation who know as much about, say, banking as the bankers themselves. And even then you might find you have three or more of your fingers missing.

The new sales role is more than mentoring and different. The relationship with the customer still requires a huge amount of trust but the ‘new salesperson’ doesn’t need to be an industry expert. Instead, they develop the expertise to help explore uncertainty and find answers in the hidden nooks and crannies of the psyche of their customers’ organisation.

By psyche, I mean the intellectual and emotional capabilities of its leaders and workforce. These salespeople don’t have magical answers. Instead, they have magical questions that spark the customers imagination into collaboratively putting together a believable ‘image-in-ions’.

This is about making the sales/customer relationship equation: 1 + 1=3. The sum of the parts is more than each party can bring to the table on their own. But this is a relationship that transcends trust, it’s rooted in truth. There are no hidden agendas.

When you exchange truth with another wholly, you no longer need to trust them. What remains is your trust in yourself.

This is more than being an ‘honest broker’. The salesperson of the future will still bring skills and know-how of their own industry to the table. BUT, the top salesperson will be an intrepid explorer too; capable of guiding clients into the unknown and back again safely. They achieve this by knowing how to find and help release that which holds the client back, namely fear.

Only four things hold us back in life: shame, anger, sadness and fear. When you look inside these negative emotions, you discover they’re all fear. The opposite of truth is falsity. Behind all falsity lies fear.

The top salesperson earns the customer’s trust because they deal in truth, and only truth. Truth drives out falsity which ultimately releases fear. More than trust, truth forges a relationship that can connect to the ‘greater good’ for all involved.

A business world forged by relationships rooted in truth might be a pipe dream. But we have to imagine it before we can create it. As we look back over history and specifically the world economy over last few years, it begs the question, “What sustainable alternative do we have?”

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr
Author of Quick Guide: How Top Salespeople Sell, Learn to Love and Be Loved in Return, 2012: a twist in the tail and Defrag your Soul

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2012 – The Return to Oneness

2012 BoliviaThe Return

“Enough! I’ve had enough of winning and losing.

I can only exert a limited amount of power.

I can only spend a limited amount of money.

I can only create so much suffering before I kill off those over whom I am victorious.

 I can only suffer so much when I lose.

I have exhausted all the possibilities of winning and losing in the material world.

I now choose temperance.

I return to the harmony of opposites, the yin and yang, the will and imagination, to return to oneness.”

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Client:-“I Can’t Forgive Myself.” – “You Don’t Need To.”

Image from Oneness, Conscious Choices

There’s no such thing as forgiveness. Humankind is not empowered to forgive. Tis a trick of the mind which stems from the sense of separateness.

Us and Them?  = Separateness. (ask Pink Floyd)

When someone else “trespasses against us,” we are encouraged to “forgive them.” When we trespass against others, or even ourselves, we are encouraged to repent and ask for forgiveness.

Which is why we, with good intention, choose to forgive someone else’s, or ask for forgiveness for our own, “wrong doing.” And when we try to forgive ourselves, who is forgiving whom? Do we forgive in our hearts or in our mind?

As without, so within = Oneness.

The heart does not judge. And the soul seeks wisdom, your heart’s desires, not judgement borne of separateness.

The heart only has love, for everyone and everything. The sun shines on us all, regardless of thought or deed. We love unconditionally, like the sun, when we have learned to love ourselves.

Rather than forgive, release the anger, sadness, fear or guilt within you –  replace it with passion, to transform yourself first. Raise your vibration. When enough of us focus on oneness, the vibration will spread.

So be uplifting. Transform from separateness to oneness. Journey to Love unconditionally.


Unconditional love leads to magic, divine magic – because you become the change the world awaits.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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The Return to Oneness

Love is divine. Anything that is not love, is not divine.

  • What if God does not judge man?
  • What if God empowers man to judge himself?

Imagine, if you will, a world in which all your desires are fulfilled. Everything you want, you are given. You only have visualise its image in ions, that is, use your imagination. The image manifests as strongly, and as often, as you want. You, and everyone else in such a world, can achieve, or choose to strive to achieve, fulfilment. You have the empowerment of choice. Welcome to The Desire World, a stepping stone between heaven and earth.

Mankind does not have the language to describe heaven. We are restricted to the limits, language and syntax of the mind, and its imagination.  The Desire World is thus a manifestation of heaven, in terms that the human mind can understand. In it, matter manifests ethereally as if it were real, just like in the world around us, if you can imagine such a paradox?

For instance, imagine you wanted to climb a tall mountain. The climb would be arduous and difficult. Somehow you have just enough strength, endurance, technique and wisdom to make the climb – every time and anytime you want to. Eventually you exhaust all the possible climbs this mountain offers – the steep, the long, the quick and the gentle.

In another instance, you desire a mountain that might or might not exceed your climbing capabilities. You seek a challenge that might take you beyond the limits you set yourself. Let us say that your attempt to climb the mountain fails. You halt and turn back to base camp. Or perhaps you take a tumble and fall. You spend a night in the Desire World’s virtual hospital that you have already created – just in case of such a fall. The next morning you awake, fully repaired and ready for a new climb. For in this Desire World, you do not need insurance. You can protect yourself against all eventualities. You simply go there in your imagination and desire it.

You live a life without fear, hurt, anger or guilt – because everything untoward can be averted or put right with the snap of an imaginary finger. You live a life free from all that is not love. All that exists, in the Desire World, is divine. You live, as close to heaven as you can, on earth. You can choose anything intellectual or recreational you are passionate about, for example, mathematics, crosswords, music, football, sex, stamp collecting or organic farming (to name the first few things that came into my head). The Desire World was created for “part” of you to play in safely.

That “part” of you was, and still is, an archangel archetype. It appreciates fully, the notions of desire and, abundance for all –  through a sense of “oneness.” But, as wonderful as this heaven on earth is, it has its limitations. You realise that a challenge, such as the mountain, was not a challenge after all. Because you preset the conditions and safeguards to the climb.  You enjoy the fulfilment of your passion unhindered. You climb, not climb or select an unknown result to your climb by choice.

Should you fail in your climb, there is no loss of personal pride through defeat because there is only “oneness” in heaven. Everyone in The Desire World is intrinsically linked to everyone else, through spirit. Everything desired is abundantly available to everyone through their inherent oneness. Until you choose the desire to create an emotion that had not existed before – “separateness.”

The Archangel Michael sought to extend the challenges of the Desire World by desiring separateness with tangible and emotional trophies for victory – and penalties for failure, in the form of physical and emotional pain. Pain required separateness. Because oneness means when one suffers, all suffer.

“What is (not) good for you, is (not) good for everyone.”

Thus Michael created the double bind of separateness and pain.  Personal differences in identity and power (but not honour) would evolve between entities. Separateness evolved during the latter phases of, what we call, mankind’s Lemurian Age and early phases of the subsequent Atlantean Age. By desire, separateness of consciousness designed a boundary between the individual and the divine. So God empowered man to create in his own image, with his own imagination, with his own image in ions.

Mankind was empowered to create its own boundaries. It created the walled Garden of Eden, Mother Nature. Mankind empowered itself with the will and imagination to create and destroy but by its own volition, mankind did not empower itself to transgress or destroy nature itself.  And God never withdrew mankind’s nous to tear down the garden walls, ask Pink Floyd! J, the ticket price to return from separateness to oneness.

Seperateness means me and not me, you and not you. Mankind experienced duality for the first time. But it did not lose its capacity to experience the harmony of opposites. We create warm water by creating the right mix of hot and cold water that feels temperate to our skin. We enjoy the warmth of the sun by being shielded by nature or clothing from overexposure. Mankind may have developed separateness but it never lost its capacity for temperance.  Thus temperance is a stepping stone between separateness and oneness.

Mankind evolved separateness of consciousness and the physical body to house it. Separateness of consciousness gave the individual the choice to experience personal victory at the expense of others – and block out the pain and suffering of others that their victory created.

Winning and losing, victory and defeat, joy and suffering became a personal experience. The notion of winning and losing fostered pride. From pride evolved upset: hurt, fear, anger and, later on (see next paragraph), guilt – the karmic seeds of not love.

As mankind evolved to separateness, it became more and more detached from Love. Self proclaimed political and religious leaders labelled aspects of not-love as sins. They introduced the notion of good and bad. Mankind thus evolved the notion of guilt. Individuals, representing God or the good, would judge others for their good deeds and their sins. Oligarchs would get man to feel bad about himself, which is the first step we use to control one another’s minds. And when we control someone’s mind, we disempower them.  This is not God’s way, of right divine, of love.

Your works and your devotion, faithfulness,

Your drudgery and patience under stress,

And that your final deeds shall far outshine

The first ones, when you rule by right divine.

From The Message to the Hierarchy of Helios, the sun king and regent of the fourth chakra, the heart.

  In the beginning Love resided at the heart of everything, at the core, or coeur. The core of every human is love. The core of our solar system, the sun, is love. The sun shines its light on everything and everyone, regardless of race, colour, creed, species, belief system or behaviour. The light of our truth is there to be seen unless we choose to shield our eyes from it. We receive light, or love, everyday. But we do not all accept it. those who do not choose not love.

Not love has no place in the heart (whichmay i remind you, judges not; it empowers). Instead mankind evolved the brain, the data processing centre for the mind, which became the domicile of personal joy and suffering – and the willingness to allow others to suffer through one’s petty personal desires.

Mankind’s personal desires to achieve and be victorious over one another evolved in the head.  But here lies the rub. Victory, be it a football game or a world war brings short lived self gratification and, by contrast, long term suffering. The victor’s pride and sense of achievement dwindles.

Mankind creates trophies to preserve the pride of victory, and stores them on a shelf in a cabinet, in a trophy room. Visit Manchester United or Liverpool football clubs. They have many such trophies. But they are all history or past tense. They personify a phrase I used to hear in IBM Sales Mangement meetings, “you are only as good as your next sale – or game, in football speak.”

The meaning and power of a trophy, like any fresh food in a greengrocer shop, has a shelf life. We  yearn to keep that sense of achievement and pride but we cannot. We want that feeling of victory and pride again. So we return to theatre of football or war to regain it.

We attempt to make the past tense present by winning another trophy. If we do not. our pride suffers. We get upset. So much so, we may seek revenge to regain our lost pride.

We see such wars today, based on the false ideals of right, wrong and of divine retribution, where both sides claim “God is on our side.” The victors store their trophies in the form of land, people and large private bank accounts stored away in remote untraceable bank vaults. We want more. We fight more.

And through repeated violence a minority of us has developed a lust for killing. Such is the nature of the physical world we have evolved. Such is the nature of separateness of consciousness without oneness.

By desire and design, separateness always has winners and losers until – as happened in the Desire World – mankind says

“Enough! I’ve had enough of winning and losing.

I can only exert a limited amount of power.

I can only spend a limited amount of money.

I can only create so much suffering before I kill off those over whom I am victorious.

 I can only suffer so much when I lose.

I have exhausted all the possibilities of winning and losing in the Physical World.

I now choose temperance.

I return to the harmony of opposites, the yin and yang, the will and imagination, to return to The Desire World.”

Mankind arrives at the end of the game. The time has come to gather all the pieces, the money, the cards and board of play – and put them all back in the box from whence they came. Mankind passes the game on to the next species who seek to play with it.

And this is where mankind finds itself today, at its endgame. It has two choices:

  1. Destroy itself
  2. Collect and organise all the pieces of ourselves to go back to oneness, only wiser, much wiser. Because we fully appreciate oneness for what it is, not separateness.

We are either at the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning – the never, or return to, forever.

We can choose heaven on earth.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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John Lennon, 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980

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Supernova – visible in northern sky for 9 nights!

This June 9, 2005 NASA false-color picture shows the supernova remnant of Cassiopeia A

The recently discovered supernova in M101 (the Pinwheel Galaxy, in the Plough constellation) should be visible through binoculars over the next 9 days.

When it’s cloudless, look to the northern sky. Go to a local spot with low surrounding light pollution. Look for the Plough Constellation. Follow Star 3 to Star 2 and keep going. There you should find an exploding dwarf star that sucked the energy out of a neighbouring big star, too much too quickly, and  “burst” – 21 million years ago.

Shine on!

This June 9, 2005 NASA false-color picture shows the supernova remnant of Cassiopeia A.

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A New “Business-Consciousness” Model for the World

I started advertising my Facebook page, Beowulf, earlier this week,  at only 1p/click-through. It’s aimed at sharing wisdom and research into business, leadership and consciousness – and hopefully attracting some business for me too :).

(Image from Just Give Me Peace who share/sell great art and poetry.)

It accumulated more than 660 followers in 24 hours. It now has over 1000. I expected take-up to be a slow burner, maybe 30-60 people in the first week. Instead, take-up has blown me away. I still don’t know why so many started following it. Will those of you, already signed up, please send me or share your reasons for following Beowulf and your interests?  Thank you.

In return I shall write about what you are interested in, best I can.

I would like to discuss something that I’ve been working through in my mind for a couple of years. I haven’t thought it all through. Therefore I write of idealism – which you can, should the more clever than me of you want to, rip to shreds.

We live in a world where land, property and wealth is won through forfeiture. Some kill in the name of a religion or a God, egged on by clerics who say “you shall become martyrs”. Forget it. That is a religion based on brain washing, protectionism and Middle -Age theocracy that preys on the fears of man. The Sun shines on everyman regardless of race, colour, religion or creed. Whether you believe in God or not – can we not all accept the principle? “We are all equal in honour not privilege.”

We see industrial giants, under the guise of “democracy”, scrambling for oil rights in Libya, pipelines across Afghanistan and trade in the Middle East. We spend billions on war, space travel and litigation. We see 1 billion people in the world without adequate food, shelter and clean water. We see violent uprisings (now in London, where next?) where people on the street say “Enough!”

There is a quickening of change. I don’t yet know what shape it will take. Those who attempt to hold on to that which serves only themselves will meet their “come up-pance”. And the “me too” or “me first now”  attitude of the developing economies (after centuries of exploitation, want their “rightful share”) will only replace one capitalist empire with another.

Let’s work together to create an abundant business world where wisdom is created and shared. So that those who work hard but do not share the success of those at the top, can learn and raise the value they bring to the market.

If we all focus on helping those who need wisdom most, we raise the wisdom of the whole business planet. At the same time, if we isolate/patent wisdom to line our own pockets, then we transgress the laws of nature.
I speak not of communism versus capitalism but of freedom of wisdom and a change in mindset, so that we sign up to conduct business for the benefit of all. This, I am told, is the essence of the Aquarian Age.

An age based on raised:

  • inner experience + scientific reasoning = wisdom + knowledge
  • …………………………………………….. = consciousness(to replace out-dated faiths and beliefs)

Raising the world’s consciousness is no easy task. But we can make a start – with ourselves.

I would like your input and feedback please.
Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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Thomas Paine on “the vulgar and ignorant mob”

“They rise as an unavoidable consequence, out of the ill construction of all old governments in Europe, England included with the rest. It is by distortedly exalting some men, that others are distortedly debased, until the whole is out of nature.”….. Thomas Paine

Hat tip: This is from a Tax Justice Network Blog who, in turn, were inspired by Michael Law (from a letter in The Guardian)


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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