Official website for Paul C Burr PhD: business/personal performance coach, author, B2B sales trainer, speaker, visiting lecturer, singer, actor, photo model, astrologer, photographer, tarot reader and healer

Paul Burr

April 2016: 
 Available from Amazon and other outlets… The Threefold Death (Mindfulness: Wakening to the Law of Reversibility)

Aug 2015: “…excellent (sales) training with my guys. What have you done to them? Outstanding….” – Graham Hill, CEO, Verbatim, The Phone Answering Service.


“I have worked with Paul periodically over the years to gain solutions to a number of people issues / opportunities. If you are looking for a Personal Coach to make a High Performer / High performing Team even better (particularly a senior player) – I would not hesitate to recommend him.” Sandra Ventre, Management Development Director, Ex Reckitt Benckiser and Qantas.


Over the years I’ve developed, begged and borrowed a number of techniques to help clients (you?) change their lives, quicker than, quickly. I encourage you to visit many of the pages.

My blogs cover a multidiscipline range of topics, from the material (e.g. business) to the ethereal (e.g. visions and dreams) to help you in all aspects of your life, externally and internally. Check out the categories in the centre column. The ‘wisdom’ shared comes from what I pick up from day to day life, my research and my client work.

“Paul Burr is an incredibly interesting man. I met him in 2005 when he agreed to be my ‘career coach’. At the time I held a senior position at a UK university and it was rather fashionable to undertake ‘management training’; every member of our senior team was expected to devote time to ‘continuing professional development’. I approached Paul because he offered something different, something a little more challenging. We met regularly over the course of a number of months. Paul was a good listener and quickly identified a number of issues that we could work on together. That was part of his style: he didn’t teach, he didn’t preach, he had no axe to grind. What he had was insight, humour and a remarkable capacity to facilitate self-questioning and reflection: he had a ‘tool-kit’ but he didn’t carry spare parts. Our ‘sessions’ were always well organized and when I’d done my ‘home-work’ thoroughly they were both demanding and rewarding. Paul is a seriously bright ‘numbers-person’ (he has a PhD in statistics) and can do all the technical stuff that management consultants come out with. But he is more than that: he is also in touch with the right (creative/emotional) side of his brain. Thinking back there were three things that Paul facilitated or encouraged in me: first, he supported me to think about (or imagine) ways of ‘doing things differently’; second, he emphasized the importance of ‘authenticity’; third, he helped me develop additional capacity for ‘resilience’. Time with Paul was all time well spent.” – Professor John Ditch, York, UK

Private Client: “You have been so instrumental in the positive changes in my life, I set quite a few goals, and one by one my goals are being achieved, thanks to you, showing me how”  Debbie (via Skype) Cape Town, South Africa.


In a nutshell, I (know how to) help you to:

In business (30% plus, in weeks, if not days)….

  • Increase your personal effectiveness and influence (e.g. in sales, business change, leadership and startups)
  • Increase your ‘strategic’ influence (over communities of people with whom you don’t have day to day contact)
  • Increase (or restore lost ) confidence, passion, curiosity, composure, articulacy, sensibility, inspiration, the ability to co-opt, faith in self; i.e.get your mojo working”
  • Find and insert missing pieces in the jigsaw of your repertoire; increase the choices you allow yourself
  • Work through your business strategy, to iron out the glitches before they happen. The later you leave it, the more costly the glitch! (Like forcing a jigsaw piece into a place it doesn’t quite fit. When you pull it out, you bring many of the adjoining pieces with it.)

On a personal level….

  • Get rid of all the negative stuff (you probably picked up as a child) in 90 minutes. “Equivalent to 18 months therapy” – radio psychologist and client.
  • Get over something or someone you have lost (or are losing), perhaps suddenly. AND MOVE  ON –  emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Get a much clearer picture of your Truth, your purpose and the ‘contract’ you signed up to deliver in this lifetime.
  • Reveal the subtle forces that shape the context your life, right now.
  • Equip yourself with simple exercises to follow the pathway to achieve your purpose.

I’m a multi-discipline author. I also ghost write, commercial and personal content. I’m a professional speaker. I’ve a PhD in Statistics. I’m a Master Practitioner in: NLP, this/past life regression and hypnotherapy. I channel wisdom from my client’s Higher Self.

AND… the techniques I use now, go way beyond.

My promise: “The material I use is powerful, very powerful. I know of nothing quicker or more effective. It’s non-mainstream. Which means you get non-mainstream results.”

You can read more about the I, me, now here.

You can read about my career background here.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr
Business/Personal Performance Coach,  Author….

  1. #1 by Christel Thimont on October 4, 2011 - 20:58

    I love your new website: it is full of information yet very clear and easy to naviguate.
    The photos of you are great!
    Well done

    • #2 by Doctapaul on October 4, 2011 - 22:04

      Dear Christel,
      Thank you kindly for your generous feedback. Should you want to visit “The Cathedral” ( ) I’d be pleased to help you.
      Much love returned

  2. #3 by tiffany on January 7, 2012 - 01:33

    hello paul,
    I noticed you were speaking at the Lewes Wellbeing Festival on Sunday 15th….i’m in the process of organising a stand for both days, so I can promote my holistic therapy business….I’ve also just qualified as a spiritual healer and psychic….so funny how life works out! One thing led to another — you know how the law of attraction works…. and I couldn’t find you on face book, thought i’d drop you a line to say come say hi on sunday, or have a taster treatment… so looked for your website….then came across the NLP training at ramada, I’m very interested….I’ve trained in Hypnotherapy already, but feel there’s a block, perhaps confidence etc to getting the hyno stuff of the ground and like i said the NLP 4 day course sparked my interest….
    I’ve really enjoyed mooching around your website….loved your fun and laughs section with gloria gayner…made me really chuckle, what a hoot! Then I read your healing section… life path number according to the tarot this year is Temperance, so how funny you have written such an appropriate section on finding the balance between two people….your book looks interesting also….anyhow, thought i’d stop by and say howdi…look forward to seeing you on sunday xxx
    tiffany x

    • #4 by Doctapaul on January 7, 2012 - 06:43

      Hi Tiffany, am dashing off to Newcastle. Lovely to hear from you. Let’s talk soon huh?
      You can find me at .
      Paul x

  3. #5 by Doctapaul on January 18, 2012 - 08:46

    Good feedback on my talk, Defrag your Soul, at Lewes Wellbeing Fest- am now speaking at Tunbridge Wells Fest on Sun 29 Jan, 2pm

  4. #6 by totaltrinity on February 22, 2012 - 16:36

    You are very motivational… I appreciate everything you’ve done for me in such a short time that I’ve known you… I look forward to reading more and more!

    • #7 by Doctapaul on February 22, 2012 - 17:18

      Your blogs about love and communication have helped me greatly as well. Your gratitude is very much amplified and returned. /|\

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