Quick Guides to Business

‘Highly-actionable’ and well-researched guides for the busy businessperson. Each can be read within one hour.

… A really impressive series    … (Business Schools) I am sure that they would be of great use and value to both tutors and students

                        – Professor John Ditch

This series bears from my ‘top-performer research’, consulting, direct selling experience and coaching within global corporations over a twenty year period. The companies I worked directly for, or in a freelance capacity with, included: IBM, Cisco, Accenture, Xerox, American Express, Standard Chartered, BP and Reckitt Benckiser.

– Paul C Burr

You can view synopses of all the guides by clicking QG Brochure.

Bookcover composite


Top Salespeople in the Future will Forge Truth…


QG2 Book Cover 01Effectiveness = Motivation x Confidence x Competence x Curiosity (Mindfulness in Business Meetings)


QG3 Front Cover 5.5 x 8.55Business Relationships: The Logic, Premium and Legacy


QGIV Book Cover 3MbHow to Be at your Peak in Key Meetings and The Game of Life


Front Cover 8.5x5.25In Your Business (or Personal) Life, What is Mindfulness?.


QG6 Front Cover 8.5x5.31The Difference between Coaching and Consulting/Mentoring


QG7 coverHow to Add Value to Your Products & Services, Maybe!




Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

Business/Personal Performance Coach & Author
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  1. Quick Guides to Business | Paul C Burr
  2. The Game of Life | Paul C Burr
  3. The Difference between Coaching and Consulting/Mentoring | Paul C Burr

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