#Business Client Testimonials


…your coaching technique! Bloody amazing.

…Claire Dickson, Management Development Director with Dixons Group and United Biscuits

I have worked with Paul periodically over the past 8 years to gain solutions to a number of people issues / opportunities. If you are looking for a Personal Coach to make a High Performer / High performing Team even better (particularly a senior player) – I would not hesitate to recommend him.

…Sandra Ventre, Management Development Director, ex Reckitt Benckiser, now with Qantas

Paul’s genius for business coaching helped me get clarity on a number of issues very quickly. I trust Paul as my coach. I appreciate his honesty and business expertise. In particular, I really value Paul’s flexibility in stepping into the role of a mentor, when he can see the benefit of doing so.
Is there any point in me saying that Paul comes highly recommended?

…Romilla Ready, Lead Author, NLP for Dummies

Paul’s engaging style and personable character perfectly suit professional coaching. I have completed a recent programme. My performance, at work, has gone from strength to strength. I am now equipped with the tools to take me to previously unimagined business heights. Thank you Paul!

…Robert Syrad, Erevena, Executive Search Services

Through the Dashboard for Success, Dr Burr has provided Erevena with a Scorecard mechanism which provides a simple but insightful summary into the underlying complexity of measuring peoples fit and propensity to perform in different roles. Unlike vanilla scorecard products this is a tool that really adds value to our business because it’s based on Dr Burr’s deep comprehension of modelling and assessing people, surfaced in frameworks that are practical and simple to deploy

…David Grundy, MD, Erevena, one of the UK’s leading Executive Search companies

Your coaching took my life to another dimension and I live with my head high because of you.Thank you.

…Charles Burton, Fitness Trainer, Dancer, European Amateur Natural Bodybuilding Champion

You’ll be pleased to know that I am still utilising the invaluable tools that you gave me and I am just about to use them to coach someone who wants to embark on the perilous road into management. I hope that you will be proud that the impact that you have made on my life and working practices are being passed onto others so that they too can grow.

…Business Unit Manager, Government Department, One year later.

Rather than wait the six months I’d planned on, until year end, to reshape the company, I got the help I needed to cover my weaknesses and just got on with it!

…CEO, After just one session

New to sales, and prior to coaching, an erstwhile consultant’s going rate was 40% of his year-end target. Within two months his going rate was 80% and he was looking to overachieve. We focused on sales campaigns to win new business in competitive accounts. He went on to win a contract from one of the campaigns worth about $1.5M, from a client whose spend up until the start of the campaign had been minimal.

…Corporate Sales, Top 5 Global IT Company

I won the big one (worth £15M!) for the Australian bank I was after… my life has changed quite a bit (for the better) and 80% due to your help

…Regional Manager (now a Senior Vice President – used methodologies to prepare his team for a new business-services sales campaign with an Australian bank. The team won a pilot worth around $100K in the UK. Our client flew to Australia to extend the bid. He then steered the local sales team to win further contracts…

I found the programme extremely beneficial: it grew my self-confidence and self-esteem tremendously, and allowed me to go and sell. I have both the ability and I have earned the right to do this. I also treat customers as human beings, realising that the best way to persuade someone to agree with you is to get on well with them. I am much more ruthless about agreeing to tasks outside the scope of my quota – unless it eventually benefits my quota in some way. I do nothing unless it progresses me closer towards meeting my targets. I am better respected amongst my peer group and managers, and I am assured of a successful career with solid progression!
Overall, I recommend this to anyone, so long as they are prepared to accept new ideas and alter their attitudes to certain ways of working

…Corporate Sales, Top 5 Global IT Company. (A highly rated salesperson was underachieving in her first year on quota. Within two months, from the start of the programme, the salesperson’s going rate of year-end target increased from 20% to 80%. Her results then went from strength to strength.)

Good news, thanks for your help in getting me to this level of capability.

…Business Development Manager, Northern Europe, Top 5 Global IT Company
(During the first year, in a new role, the client was awarded a National Excellence Award for outstanding performance.)

Responsible for renegotiating a £50M pa contract within 9 months. The client achieved the £50M target within 11 weeks from commencement of the coaching programme.

…Account Director (now a Vice President)

“Too many choices”: within 4 weeks, through “focus and ruthless discernment”, many medium/long term projects were reshaped and completed quickly. “influence”: European performance escalated from 39% of target mid-year, to 105% of target by year-end.

…European Sales Operations Manager, Top 5 Global IT Company: responsible for revitalising out of line performance across 10 nations.

Paul was one of the best salesmen I worked with – people just loved to buy from him. On complex issues, he cut through to the heart of the matter, as some others did. But in addition he was genuine, insightful and thought-provoking.

….Gordon Smillie, Industry Director, IBM

In a couple of short sessions Paul helped me to really focus on the goals I was looking to achieve over a 5 year period and I’m pleased to say that these have all been achieved. Without a doubt, without this help in a very fluid period in my life I would not have been able to deliver the same results on my own.

…Richard Hartshorne, Business Development Director at Concep Ltd

Paul is a great source of insight and support and I would recommend his services to anyone wishes to further their business and personal success.

…Rob Hudson, CEO Soundbusiness

I am honored to be undergoing coaching by paul. Every time he “hits the nail on the head” when identifying your weaknesses, strengths concerns and issues. I really enjoy his 1 on 1 sessions,although I am “brain dead” at the end at the each session, I have certainly improved on my performance. I would certainly recommend his work and mentoring – Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

…Derry Long, Business Development Manager, Plowman Craven

Paul is both an excellent advisor and a sales person. He and I have worked together for many years and I find that his integrity is such that he will forego a sale even if the prospect is enthusiatic, if Paul believed that the product was not a good fit. He is also a very good exponent of whatever it is he is representing – be it behavioural content or management principles.

…Charles Chang, worked directly with Paul at Wentworth Research and Cotoco Ltd

I’m starting to see how powerful this material is. Can you run a workshop for my people and the extended team.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

I’ve used the Success and Setback Analyses. I’ve overcome my shyness in calling on Senior People. I feel I’ve moved out of my comfort zone.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

The meeting wasn’t easy! I faced my demons and got on with it.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

I took the material from the workshop and applied it rigorously to coaching X. It’s not there yet but the mountain has moved.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

I am more rigorous in the analytical and process quadrants and it’s paid off.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

I took away “being at my peak” tool from the workshop and used it – it’s brilliant.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

It has helped me to explore new ideas and not get hung up if they don’t work.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

The Coaching Process gets an A* for managing poor performers.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

Using 2nd position has helped enormously. Coaching isn’t an individual session; it takes place over a period of time to get to a solution. It’s made me face some demons.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

The “being at my peak” tool helps me synchronise with people.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

I am more effective in how I use my time and am more prepared for important meetings.

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

First two sessions were particularly useful. I would not have got through that month without the self management tool

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company

When I do follow the coaching process it works and it (I???) fails when I don’t

…Sales Management Team, Top 5 Global IT Company


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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