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FaceEvery business journey we take is one part intellectual to two parts emotional.If it was all intellectual and we’re basically smart, we’d be there already. People wouldn’t take on a business coach like me.

“if you avoid the emotional journey to success, you’ll only get 70% of the way at best.”

Example 1: when we start a new venture/job/promotion, that’s reasonably complex, getting up to speed typically takes between 6 months and 2 years. We start  by finding and taking on board who and what we need to know and do (i.e. stakeholders, skills, knowledge). We enjoy the highs and suffer the setbacks as we make our way forward. Through time and experience we learn what works and doesn’t. We may still not achieve our goals however, because of emotional blocks (conscious and often unconscious limiting beliefs) that we allow to hold us back. We, kind of, know those inner feelings of doubt and uncertainty that seem to hold us back in life, time, time, time and again. We may not like to talk about them.

The brave among us seem to manage or control these inner fears and press on regardless. Pressing on takes courage undoubtedly. But it doesn’t necessarily dissolve the fear (without a little magic or coaching that is).

Some of us hide our inner fears away from others and ourselves. We pretend they don’t exist. We certainly don’t want customers or maybe our boss to see any insecurities we harbour, do we? We live, effectively, in denial and play at being brave. Again this might be better than the third option.

When we embrace our inner fears and doubts we won’t even cross the road. This is a non-option for most of us overtly. We end up playing things safe and finding thoroughly defensible reasons why things can’t be done or don’t work. We rationalise. And remember….


Example 2: There are times when my career and confidence took a sideways if not a backward step. My best ever year in sales (financially not passionately) preceded my worst ever. We can stop believing in ourselves as much as we used to. Fear kicks in. So we start working harder out of fear – which, despite good intention, alas, attracts fear. Others detect our fear and become fearful either with or of us. Remember…


So getting back on track isn’t only about working harder. It’s about going back to basics to restore the confidence and self belief lost. It’s about dissolving fear.

In a nutshell, I know how to get clients to dissolve fear. They put aside their limiting beliefs and bypass them. As a result, clients increase their effectiveness by typically 30% or more, in weeks and sometimes days.

“….coaching by Paul? Every time he ‘hits the nail on the head, when identifying your weaknesses, strengths concerns and issues. I really enjoy his 1 on 1 sessions,although I am “brain dead” at the end at the each session, I have certainly improved on my performance. I would certainly recommend his work and mentoring – Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative”

…..Derry Long, Business Development Manager

By taking the emotional journey first, the intellectual journey to success quickens. For example, data or skills acquired, are used far more powerfully because the client no longer possesses the emotional stuff that would limit how they use these resources. Clients become fearless. Not because they are brave or foolhardy. But because they literally have dissolved the fear in their mindset. They focus their passion on the journey. They are equipped with tools to learn from successes and setbacks equally well.


“Too many choices”: within 4 weeks, through “focus and ruthless discernment”, many medium/long term projects were reshaped and completed quickly. “influence”: European performance escalated from 39% of target mid-year, to 105% of target by year-end.

…….European Operations Manager, Top 5 Global IT Company: responsible for revitalising out of line performance across 10 nations

“I won the big one (worth £15M!) for the Australian bank I was after… my life has changed quite a bit (for the better) and 80% due to your help.”

………Regional Manager (now a Senior Vice President)


l throw in, as you now hopefully have spotted, magical (something from  nothing, hey presto) sales and sales management mentoring, at either macro or micro levels.

Contact me for a no-obligation mini-coaching session – by phone or Skype.

Tel: +44 (0)1273 771333 to book an appointment. By the end of the session, you will….

  1. Have a very clear picture of your priorities and how to measure progress towards them, simply.
  2. Know what will make worthwhile for you or not. (Whatever answer you come up with is right for you, at that point in time.
  3. Judge if I am the right person to coach you (once again, either answer, “yes” or “no” is right for you, at that point in time.)
  4. Have a clear understanding about the size and shape of the journey ahead, should you choose to take it!

I welcome your call.


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

Tel: +44 (0)1273 771333

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