Defrag your Soul

defrag eye6.5x9.25 v5Available from Amazon in USA, UK and major bookstores.

“You should be proud of it Paul. I think it is amazing and I’m still thinking hard about what you’ve written.” Amanda Giles, Author

 “DYS whispered to me, ‘take heart, be aware, let your journey this far nourish your inner self to be at peace, to love and to shine as your journey continues’.” Penelope Walsh, Book Review

Defrag(ment): streamline everything you need and release that which you no longer need.

Defrag your Soul tells you what it takes and what it’s like: when you choose to journey within to achieve your soul’s quest – to experience and share the joy and wisdom of your true nature.

Inside you will discover and defrag…

  • What needs to happen for you to journey within.
  • How it feels and what changes occur.
  • Hidden motives that lurk beneath your consciousness.
  • How to release negative emotions that hold you back.
  • The sorts of things that can happen on the way.
  • The pitfalls to avoid and how to get out of them when they do occur.
  • The sorts of tricks the mind (false ego) can get up to.
  • How to get yourself going again if things have ground to a halt.
  • How to know where you are and where you’re going next.
  • Traits and characteristics to make your journey faster.


  • The contract you made with yourself for this lifetime.
  • How your inner journey fits into the grander scheme of what’s going on in the world today.

Packed with self-help tools, tips, exercises and easy-to-follow steps, you hold in your hand a practical guide, written by  a ‘traveller’ who’s spent several years on his journey within and continues to look for and take his next step every day.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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