Change your Character, Change your Destiny

“…All that happens is the result of character; the only manner in which the destiny can be changed is to change the character…..

(and) can be markedly altered in any direction desired.”

CC Zain


When you change your frame of mind, attitude or emotional state (and keep the change so, over a period of  time) you change your character.

“We change the map of life itself by changing our attitude towards it.”

 from The Mind of the Druid by E G Howe

(Probably the most profound book I’ve ever read. I’ve read it 4 times and I’m still trying to ‘get it!’)

Your character (guided by your values, beliefs, sense of identity and intentions) shapes your behaviour.

People see a change in you but what’s really going on? Answer: you have raised the vibration, at a sub-atomic level, you send out.

AND… You attract what you project.

(The decisions you make, are they borne out of love or fear?)

All okay so far?


What happens when you hit a metaphorical brick wall in life?

What about the subconscious vibrations or counter intentions that you send out (and thus attract unwanted people and events that mirror them)? How do unearth them?

By and large, you cannot release that which you don’t know you have in your possession. So how do you know if you harbour such subconscious counter intentions?

  • Has your life changed direction unwantedly?
  • Will it change soon?
  • Change happens in life everyday: in relationships, in business, in your health or lifestyle.
  • Sometimes you make the changes.
  • Sometimes the changes happen to you – sometimes joyous and sometimes not.

‘Change doesn’t hurt you but the emotional journey to make that change can sometimes be tough, if not cathartic’.

Changing your attitude towards life, or a specific situation in your life, is not always easy, especially in times of stress or when you have deep rooted issues. Your vulnerabilities expose themselves to your conscious mind.

Some of us try to numb those vulnerabilities, for example, through alcohol or anti-depressant drugs. Some of us over-embrace our vulnerabilities, to the extent where we feel frozen in time and space. We may grieve and pine for that which we have lost. In extreme times we wonder how we shall keep ourselves together for the next 30 seconds, such is our despair. But somehow time heals. The trouble is, without structured help, it takes so darn long.

Do you feel any of the following?

  • At a loss because something precious has come to an end
  • Find it difficult to let go
  • Isolation and despair
  • Don’t know which buttons to push or find the idea of pushing those buttons very difficult
  • Lack the willpower, self-confidence or self-trust to move on in life
  • Lack the motivation to succeed
  • Worry about the future’s uncertainties and unknowns
  • Lack the self worth to create a new beginning in your life
  • Realise that trying to replace that which you have lost too early, simply won’t work
  • Just plain stuck, fed up and in the pit despair

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions then your task is to…

(If you answered “no”, there’s a phrase to consider, “You don’t have to be ill to get better!” You can still choose to change.)

Change your character to take charge of your life once again  – and make the emotional transition needed to change the course of your life.

The/your change starts when you…

  • Acknowledge fully your capacity to learn from what has come (or is coming) to an end in your life, be it voluntarily or against your will.
  • Appreciate the  (3) phases we all go through to cope with unwanted or unexpected change in our lives
  • shes
  • Understand profoundly the nature of the self-healing process your emotions need to undergo
  • Gauge where you are in the 3-phase healing process
  • Evaluate the environmental factors that help and hinder your journey
  • Find out where and how you can accelerate the self-healing process and where to have patience, with yourself
  • Learn how to access your intuition, so that you can receive wisdom and guidance from your inner self, at any time
  • Benchmark when the timing will be right for you to start your new beginning in life, in your mind, heart and spirit
  • Commit to (yourself) a series of  actions to guide and help you on your journey.

When you can see, tune into or get a feel for your new future, you have already taken the biggest step. If you feel you could do with some help, I can equip you to take that step – and the steps beyond.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr
Business/Personal Performance Coach & Author

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