Change your Life in 90 Minutes!

“You gave me the greatest gift I could ever have received, which is to know my own being, and this is why I will always be grateful, and never forget our work…”…….Georgie Shellis, Harrow

When we spend time with those whom we love (or are important to us) and can be truly ourselves, we feel fulfilled. Many of us, alas, hold back.IMG_9460Only 4 things hold us back in life.

  1. Anger
  2. Sadness
  3. Fear and…
  4. Shame.
And when we make any decisions borne out these emotions. We may avoid that which we, for example, are fearful of (or feel guilty about) BUT the fear (or shame) doesn’t go away.
When we allow these emotions to override our behaviour we are not, nor can we ever be, our true selves. And when we are not our true selves it means we cannot give or receive wholly. Important relationships suffer, especially the one we have with ourselves.

On the inside…

  • Do you feel worthy enough?
  • Do you have sufficient self-compassion and look after yourself?
  • Do you possess the courage you want?
  • Do you connect with others authentically?
  • Are you ok with your human vulnerabilities?
  • Do you allow others to see the real you?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions so far, try the flipside questions, do you…

  • Sometimes overreact when other people upset you, and later regret your actions?
  • Hide your feelings when others upset you and later wish you had been more truthful?
  • Want to move on in life but can’t seem to get going?
  • Embrace or lock yourself away from human vulnerabilities?
  • Feel shame or fear that you can’t connect to other people?
  • Suffer from negative emotions that stop you expressing your true self?

Ask yourself:

  • How well do you connect with your true self?
  • How well do you connect with others?

Rid yourself of the negative emotions that block you. Replace them with enabling inner resources and create the path to become your true self. Create relationships based on truth and authenticity.

If any of the above rings true and you might like some help.

Call me now for a no-obligation chat.

Paul C Burr  tel: :+44 (0)1273 207987


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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