Business Consulting Services

Paul C Burr PhD has over 17 years experience, coaching corporate and SME executives (and top performers) to raise their effectiveness to even higher levels, typically 30%+ in weeks, sometimes days. He also creates actionable business models of what top performers do differently in key organizational processes e.g. sales, leadership and consulting. Prior, he built a career in sales management, new-business-corporate sales and account management.

Areas of Expertise

  • Coach to improve business strategy (see Business Coaching)
  • Coach to increase personal influence (see Business Coaching)
  • Corporate consultative sales and sales management
  • High Potentials’ Talent Development
  • Creating Website Content from In-house Workshops. Questions informed from top performer research.
  • Customer centric business transformation
  • Craft bespoke business scorecards
  • Complex corporate bid management
  • Model/spread-to-others what top performers do differently
  • Commercial Writing e.g. web content, simplify complex material and make it interesting.
  • Learn-while-you-work training technologies (Non-Exec Director at Cotoco Ltd, UK)
  • Remove unhelpful habits, feelings, allergies, phobias, anger, sadness, fear and guilt.
  • NLP, Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Business Tarot and Astrology
  • ‘Hands on’, Non-Executive Directorship


Pre October 2008

2005 – present day: After many years serving as a Corporate Business Coach, Paul found himself working more and more with people’s personal lives and detailed histories, to help them make the breakthroughs they seek. He delved into the connections between key jigsaw pieces to life…

  • Our mind (intellect)
  • Our emotions (feelings)
  • Our body (physiology)
  • The relationship we have with ourselves (spiritual or intuitional)
  • The world around us (environment)

Paul has evolved bespoke tools and techniques to…

  • Help people improve how they piece together these jigsaw pieces to their own lives
  • Develop the resolve and wherewithal to achieve what they want, to give to and receive from life

Paul is a master practitioner in NLP, time-based therapies and hypnotherapy. In the last two years, Paul has co-developed three frontier therapies:

  • Clear negative emotions, find and live your truth
  • Deal with change, make transitions more effectively
  • Find your purpose and contract for this lifetime

Paul’s a professional speaker, a commercial writer and freelance football reporter. He has an advanced certificate in Tarot Reading, with which he integrates astrological readings.

Talk(-in)s & Seminars

  • 2013: University of London; The Price of Business, radio talk show, Houston; Brighton NLP Group
  • 2012: University of London; Brighton NLP Group; Lewes Well-being Festival and Tunbridge Wells Well-being Festival
  • 2011: Hitachi European Managers’ Conference and Marlow FM Radio –The Morning Chat Show
  • 2010: BBC Radio London – JoAnne Good’s Late Night Show; Spirit Quest Radio, California – The Nicola Phoenix Show

Tiny Tim1969-76, university education: Paul has a PhD in Statistics and a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics from Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK.


1976: Paul started his career in business by undertaking the IBM Post-Graduate Programme. He joined sales. He was promoted to Account Manager, Corporate Account Manager, then to Consultant Sales Leader, before being promoted to Corporate Marketing Manager for the BT account, which at the time represented 10% of IBM UK’s revenue stream. He overachieved, 11 years straight. He was ranked as amongst ‘IBM’s Annual Golden Circle of Top Salespeople’ twice. In 1992 Paul was appointed IBM UK programme manager – responsible for leading a team to define and launch new market leading, competency-based professions in sales and marketing, to develop IBM’s capability to compete more aggressively in existing and new niche markets. The programme flourished for 10 years and continues today in a revised form.

1993: Paul joined The Forum Corporation, a global training and consulting firm, where (as Director for Corporate Accounts) he became the top ‘new recruit’, in Europe, in his first year.

1996: as a Principal for Wentworth Research (now part of Gartner Group), Paul built new-business sales processes, territory and account management systems, go-to-market models – inculcating new business measures, and the mentoring/training of fellow account managers. He designed a “sale on first call” process that brought in several clients including NatWest, BP, Cable & Wireless and Bristol & West.

1997- present day: Paul started his career as a corporate business coach and research consultant. He focused his research on what top performers do differently – in sales and leadership.


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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