#Client Testimonials

After one session…IMG_9485

“Letting go of fear and negativity, I feel like I am now seeing everything in glorious technicolour, have been given the space to dream and together with reciting the affirmations, I feel wonderful 🙂 .”
Sameera de Silva, London

“Money barely represents what a single session is worth.”
Naomi, Hove

“I cannot echo enough what Naomi in Hove says ” Money barely represents what a single session is worth”. What you have done for me has literally changed my life with it’s amazing instant and personalised affect. My physical pain after one week of the session has been halved, so impressive that my Osteopath noticed it, my back less rigid for instance. And as for my formerly traumatic life, well now I understand my purpose, why things happened in childhood etc. I know feel like a sea bird observing its life, perched high on a cliff top, and like that bird, I feel that I have the entire navigational control of my life. For the first time I might add in forty two years so far!

Thank you Paul, immensely,”

Emma Andrews – Brighton 

“Just wanted to say, first of all, thank you so much for the session. I would never have expected it but after 10 years of emotional dependence, I am now totally not bothered by it, this is amazing!”
Anna, London

“I already feel very differently. It can be hard to come to terms with change when it’s not what you want, even though you know resistance is futile, but now I can see where I’m headed, it’s easier to accept that the change is already in progress and that it’s a good thing, thanks again.”
Gemma (via telephone), London

“I arrived excited and apprehensive, there is a great deal of information that I am going to sift through, which may take some time!

It’s definitely a new part of my journey which is exciting at my age (66) and shows me that life begins yet again, here we go again, on another venture.

It’s going to be fun and fascinating, and sometimes scary. I am in control now and not floundering about the shallows like a beached mackerel. I will be deep in calm waters making my way steadily through the waters allowing myself to swim with the currents and not against them. What a relief that will be, to allow the currents of life to take me steadily and safely onwards, into deep dark waters and shallow lighter ones. And always feeling safe and in control of myself. Thank you Paul.”
Gay, Steyning

“Paul, Thank you for your inspiring, in-depth and highly informative session last week, you taught me to unblock all my inner fears and to know why they were there in the first place. You are a calm influence, and it was your confidence which inspired me so much, as you are not at all egoistic in your guidance. You have shown me the side of myself I always wanted to greet, but didn’t believe was there.
You gave me the greatest gift I could ever have received which is to know my own being, and this is why I will always be grateful, and never forget our work last week. I now have found the path to not only happiness, but wisdom too. They say happy is the wise man, and I might add happy is this wise woman, through meeting a wise man, thank you again.”
Georgie Shellis, Harrow

And when you choose to go on, after a few sessions, you will turn your life around.

“You have been so instrumental in the positive changes in my life, I set quite a few goals, and one by one my goals are being achieved, thanks to you, showing me how”
Debbie (via Skype), Cape Town, South Africa

“Thanks so much, you have made such a difference to my life I can really see things moving now.”
Charlotte, Lewes

“When I first started my sessions with you I was at an all time low in my life, thanks to you I have managed to change this right around. I feel happier in myself and all my relationships. I could never have got this far without you”
Debbie, Cape Town, South Africa


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

  1. #1 by Samantha Watkinson on October 1, 2011 - 13:12

    Sometimes people leave testimonials for friends in the hope to help boost ratings etc, the testimonials I have just read on this page completely and genuinely reflect how I feel after having an emotional clearing with Paul, it was worth every second and I now feel stronger every day. If only Paul C Burr had come to give us all a talk at school I wonder just how many of us would have made a less painful transition through our young lives.

    • #2 by Doctapaul on October 1, 2011 - 23:24

      Thank you for your testimony Sam. I really appreciate it.
      Shine on…!

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