My Skills & Passions


Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.

I equip people to improve their effectiveness by 30%+ in a matter of weeks, sometimes days.

Most of us don’t achieve what we set out to achieve at the first attempt. If the outcomes you sought were down to a purely intellectual exercise then you would have achieved them already – would you not? Whether you’re a top or moderate performer (or underperforming right now) – every change you make in life is a journey, two parts emotional to one part intellectual. We are twice as likely to hold ourselves back because of self-imposed emotional blocks as opposed to intellectual problems. Put simply, I equip people to tackle challenging emotional journeys.

Corporate clients use me as a ‘business coach’, personal clients probably see me as more of an ‘energy healer’. In both cases I help clients to release the emotional blocks so that they cultivate and apply their innate willpower, imagination, courage and creativity to achieve the business and personal outcomes they seek.

I’ve over thirty five years of B2B corporate sales and management experience, sixteen years of which overlap with my business and personal coaching work. I’ve a PhD in Statistics and a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics. I’m qualified as a Master Practitioner in: NLP, this/past life regression and hypnotherapy.

I give talks (and appear on talk-in shows) on selling, executive coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ancient wisdom, football and more ethereal subjects – sometimes to the same audience!

I write books, blogs and am now part way through a series of business articles based upon my own original research, experience and observations in corporate and SME business.

In mid-July 2013 I started to write a booklet, another form of quick guide, about Mindfulness in Relationships. It draws on ancient wisdom, cognitive based therapy and my coaching and ethereal experiences.

I study and practice ancient wisdom, astrology, casting runes, dowsing, the I Ching and the Tarot.

I love listening to music – rock, jazz, country… you name it. I sing a bit too.IMG_9427.jpg

I’m a passionate football fan of Newcastle United Football Club, in “Geordieland”, in The North-East of England.

Over 15,000 people follow my Beowulf Facebook Page. My first book, Learn to Love and be Loved in Return, has its own Facebook page with over 2,500 followers – making a total in excess of 22,000 followers when you include my other Facebook pages.

You can read about my career background here.

Shine on…!


Paul C Burr

  1. #1 by totaltrinity on March 9, 2012 - 21:56

    Namaste! I have enjoyed reading your blog, I find it very inspirational and motivating, this is why I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. If you care to participate here is the link:

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