The Cathedral

"Borrowed" from The Blue Bowl

“Walk out of any doorway
feel your way, feel your way
like the day before.
Maybe you’ll find direction
around some corner
where it’s been waiting to meet you.”

……Robert Hunter lyrics from Box of Rain, sung and played by Grateful Dead

Only now do I realise where to find the Cathedral…..

I sat straight in a comfortable chair – straight back, upper legs, lower legs and feet – all at 90°, perpendicular to one another – not rigid though, relax.

I closed my eyes. Steadied my breath, count to 4 in, count to 4 out; slightly deeper than normal, yet gentle and focused. I forgot who I am and why I am here. I forget my past and everything that leads up to this present moment.

I surround myself in a circle of white light. It travels, like a neon tube, anticlockwise (right to left) about my person. I secure myself.

I illuminate my spine, from its base, up through my neck, arced around the back, top of my brain, down again and out through my Third Eye, like a flame of gas. Light fills up my whole body on my in-breath. I shine on the out-breath.

(The illuminated spine, symbolised by the Shepherd’s Crook. And often used by Church Officers who may not realise its true symbolic value. Image courtesy of Black Fly Photos.)

I contact my higher self, my “inner CEO”, if you like. I ask for the grace of the Holy Spirit, to guide and protect me on my journey. A wave of energy shoots up my spine and fills my body. I tune into the feeling of “my vibration”. I, at peace, can’t help but smile uncontrollably – joy in the moment.

Eyes closed, I approach a large wooden door. Unlocked, my energy swells as I push it open, using my arm to mimic the gesture. I enter. Again I mimic the gesture, behind me, to close the door. Energy-swells tell me the door is closed. I face forward.

Before me lies a yellowish dusty path with green pasture to either side. (I don’t see it, as such. More, I feel it. I can describe what I feel clearly. “Insight”, to me, means a process by which I feel what I see.) I follow the path.

I begin to ascend, what to begin with, appears to be, a hill. The climb is steady, straight and not overly strenuous. I can’t see very far. Green grass to either side, the path remains clear. I have no way of getting lost. My energy swells again as I reach the top. Before me lies a vast a high plain and now I can see clearly across the flatland. I walk on.

After a short time, I see the outline of a spired building in the distance. I head towards it. As I progress, I notice that the spires seem to appear not that much nearer. The building remains distant. It must be very large for me to see it from where I am. I pick up the pace.

As I get closer, I approach what appears to be a huge cathedral. I see two spires although I feel there will be more. Its vast structure now stretches from horizon to horizon. The path enters a semicircular clearing. I arrive before the Cathedral’s large wooden double fronted door. My energy swells. I realise, for the first time, that each energy swell signals that I’m on the right track and I’ve come to a significant landmark in my journey.

It soothes my trepidation. I recall how I prepare for all the important moments in my life. I focus and build an inner calmness, to prepare for what is to come.

No need to knock. Like before, I mimic the gestures to open and close the right hand side of the double door behind me.

Inside, aisles, rows of pews and towering pillars stretch for miles, into the dark distance before me. I turn left and make my way, keeping the inside of the wall of the hall to my left. Another long walk ensues. I walk briskly.

An energy swell informs me that I’ve reached a corner of the great hall. I turn right and continue down the hall’s left hand side wall until an energy swell tells me I’ve reached the next door. I enter.

Inside, I begin to descend a long straight stairway. Down and down I go. At its base I proceed along an underground corridor. At the end of the corridor I come across an opening, off centre, to the right. I enter a small candlelit room.

Inside, slightly to the right again, stands an elderly man. His long curly beard brushes slowly down the front of his robe, and up again, as his silent, courteous nod acknowledges my presence. I nod lower and slower – to express the humility, trepidation and joy I feel. I stand before the Keeper of the Keys to the Locks, to The Akashic Records.

The Keeper stands before a huge vault, not unlike the bank vaults in the first Harry Potter movie.

He speaks, “Welcome”.

I nod again and reply timidly, “Hello”.

“How can I help you?” The keeper asks.

“If I may, I’d like to know the contract I made for this lifetime, please. The contract I signed up to before I was born, between my last life and this.” I ask.

The Keeper enters the vault and returns with a parchment. As I open it, the Keeper speaks its content….

“You are here to become whom you already are. The acorn already has the imprint and design of the Oak Tree it becomes.”

In the distant past you were very powerful. But you did not use your power from the highest integrity. In fact, just the opposite, you committed heinous acts of violence and sex. You have spent much time learning the nature of your cruelty, and not-cruelty. You have recently rid yourself of many of the dark unconscious remnants that have held you back, in this lifetime. You are ready now to proceed.

You don’t have far to go but first you must take it easy. You have travelled a long way during the last five years. You need not rush, for now. Take it easy for a short while. You are to continue the book (my second book) which you stopped writing, a short while back. Start again when the time feels right. You’ll know it when it arrives.

The path to your third book will open up in due course. You already have a hint about what it’s to be about. For now rest, have fun, and wait for your time to move on.

Follow your path and …..”   (the rest I will reveal when the time is right.)

I, overwhelmed, wept bitterly. I begged forgiveness for the dark deeds of my past.

“Forgiveness was, and is, not appropriate, only learning. And you have learned what you needed, to transmute darkness into light. Go in peace!”

I thanked the Keeper and “felt” my back, the way I came, to the first door. Energy swells signalled the landmarks again on my return journey. I walked back through the door and returned to my body.

I roused myself gently, to make sure I was thoroughly grounded.

Later, the energy swell, “my vibration”, kept returning. I continue to practise tuning into it, as best I can.

Only now, I realise The Cathedral, or should I say, The Temple, is built within me.

Paul C Burr

13th August 2011

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