Client:-“I Can’t Forgive Myself.” – “You Don’t Need To.”

Image from Oneness, Conscious Choices

There’s no such thing as forgiveness. Humankind is not empowered to forgive. Tis a trick of the mind which stems from the sense of separateness.

Us and Them?  = Separateness. (ask Pink Floyd)

When someone else “trespasses against us,” we are encouraged to “forgive them.” When we trespass against others, or even ourselves, we are encouraged to repent and ask for forgiveness.

Which is why we, with good intention, choose to forgive someone else’s, or ask for forgiveness for our own, “wrong doing.” And when we try to forgive ourselves, who is forgiving whom? Do we forgive in our hearts or in our mind?

As without, so within = Oneness.

The heart does not judge. And the soul seeks wisdom, your heart’s desires, not judgement borne of separateness.

The heart only has love, for everyone and everything. The sun shines on us all, regardless of thought or deed. We love unconditionally, like the sun, when we have learned to love ourselves.

Rather than forgive, release the anger, sadness, fear or guilt within you –  replace it with passion, to transform yourself first. Raise your vibration. When enough of us focus on oneness, the vibration will spread.

So be uplifting. Transform from separateness to oneness. Journey to Love unconditionally.


Unconditional love leads to magic, divine magic – because you become the change the world awaits.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr


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