(More about) Courage and Oneness

Let us recap a little about the difference between fearless and fearlessness.

Courage is a choice we take, not a trait. We can all choose courage to overcome that which holds us back.

(Image sourced from The Mystic Window.)

Only four things hold us back in life: anger, sadness, fear and guilt. But these four negative emotions do not constitute the source of what holds us back. They are its symptoms. And likewise if you look through anger, sadness and guilt you will find fear behind them. Ultimately, the only one thing holds you back in life – fear.

Behind hatred (a form of anger) lurks fear, the furthermost opposite of love.

With courage we choose to displace fear. Fear feels very real until we break through it. Then we realise it was an illusion, all along. An illusion created, by our false ego to hold us back, for a purpose.

Fear encases wisdom and learning about the futility of thoughts and actions borne out of a sense of separateness. But separateness is an untruth. And untruth breeds untruth.

The source of all untruths, in ourselves,  is the sense of separateness. And by untruth, seperateness is, as such, an illusion. When we let go of this untruth, we learn the wisdom we have hitherto denied ourselves. We are all, ultimately, of one spirit.

And when we let go of separateness, we let go of the fear it breeds.

For example, fear of isolation and being unloved.

Why do we feel the need to be loved and connected to someone else?

Answer: “because we neither connect with, or love, our true selves.”

When we learn to love ourselves, wholly, truly and unfettered, we connect to, and love, others unconditionally and immediately.

And by “love ourselves” I mean – enkindle our souls with love.

Fear is not the contents of what you will find within your darkness. It is only the encasement or packaging. It takes courage to venture into the shadows. But once through the encasement, we find wisdom eventually. We step nearer to our ultimate true selves. With hindsight we realise there was nothing to fear, about this wisdom, in the first place. Our being fearless transforms into fearlessness; not so much a state of being brave, more a state of wising up; we had nothing to fear.

The brave warrior thus transforms into the, now, wiser alchemist.

Choose courage.

Find wisdom and fearlessness.

Let go of separateness. 

Choose oneness.

Become One-Love.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr


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