On Learning the Consequences of Past Lives

Last night I dreamt I visited some past lives.

A face appeared before me in the darkness.It had browny-grey colour skin, like a mummy that has been preserved. Its lips,very tightly drawn, revealed clenched teeth.You could mistake it for being the face of evil. For it has been party to many cruel acts in lifetimes gone by.

But more than that it was the face of a tortured soul that acknowledged all the pain and suffering it had caused.It had now learned all it needed to learn from the karmic responses it had attracted its way. It had atoned for its past and was ready for a new beginning. 

I asked God to bless this haggard and wizened face. I beamed my love to it. I told it that I wanted to integrate its energy into the Light, my Light.

Like sands of the desert, blown away by the wind, the face disintegrated and was no more. Hopefully never to return?

I awoke feeling calm and centred.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr


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