The Law of Attraction: Heaven on Earth

A learned friend sent me a message that coincided spookily with an experience I’d had during the night before. Her message read,

“If we do not desire something or feel a pleasant emotion about it, we do not strive to make it happen.

Passion is your power for manifestation.” 

A lot of my friend’s messages arrive when I need her wisdom most. Here’s what happened the night before.

Before I went to sleep I pleaded with spirit that I’d had enough of my desire loops. I sought help. I wanted guidance because whatever I was doing wasn’t working. I fell into a deep sleep but not for long.

I entered into a dreamworld of turmoil and darkness, inside a huge complex ethereal machine. Cogs and wheels ground away but all seemed to work against one another. Parts kept stuttering and jamming. Then they would attempt to reverse out of gear to get going again – like the inside of a huge faulty printer trying to unjam itself. The machine had almost had almost ground to a halt, almost but not completely. I awoke.

Picture sourced from manbehindthecurtain

An archangel helped me. We spoke of my desires and delineated those which belong to the upper echelons, of my desire world, from the lower. She asked me to focus on that which I really wanted in my heart of hearts. At the same time she asked me to focus on all the anger, sadness, fear and guilt I associated with NOT having what I desired.

She taught me to raise, up to spirit, all the anger, sadness, fear and guilt for one particular yearning I craved for. I became aware that releasing fear came with a consequence. I would be obliged to choose courage. mmm!?!

Nonetheless I completed her instruction. But then came the surprise. She instructed me to now raise my desire to spirit and let that go too. I paused whilst I realised that releasing desire to spirit, especially the desire for something so important to me, wasn’t easy. I had wanted that wish to come true badly.

The angel waited patiently whist I dwelt on the realisation that spirit manifests form. “Aha!” I thought. I awakened to the logic of my angel’s instruction. Spirit can only manifest a desire I own if I give it up to spirit. If I hold on to it, I offer spirit nothing to work on.

For the first time in my life I now understood, in my heart, Gandhi’s words: “ A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success. ”

I raised my palms upward above my head and raised my heart’s desire to spirit. I said it forcefully. Just in case I added the phrase, rather amateurishly, “and I really mean  it!” I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to my words.

I released my desire with all the heart I could muster. I realised suddenly how my desires had dominated my erstwhile thought world. Prior, when I yearned, or felt fearful about not receiving what I yearn for, I was in a future dream world. When I became angry, sad or felt I must be unworthy, about not getting what I yearn for, I’d been living a past memory. I’d spent little time in the present tense, the here and now, the path on which life takes place.

My passion for life was being held back. My friend’s message made me realise some words of ancient wisdom I’d pondered upon for years.

“In order to journey the path, you must develop a passion for the path (life), not your destination. You become the path.”

I thanked both my magical friends – for the abundance I’d been blessed with – two angels, one in spirit form, one in human form.

They’d taught me the secret ways of heaven on earth.


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