TftD: Coincidence, Synchronicity, Clairvoyance and Magic

police synchronicity

Happen to the world rather than have the world happen to you.

Keep a log of your life’s little (and big ) coincidences. Reflect on the mindset you hold that invokes these coincidences.

Image from The Police

Two days ago I was watching my favourite football team Newcastle United play Anzi. It was 0-0 with about a minute of normal time to go. I turned to the guy next to me and said, “It would be great if Cissé scored in the 2nd minute of extra time again” (as he’d done in Newcastle’s previous game, last Sunday against Stoke). Lo and behold, you know or can guess what happened next.

The same evening I was at a meeting where we discussed the ‘kill-all-bacteria’ panacea that hospitals deploy these days, rather than simply use hot soapy water and keep things clean. (Personally I’d rather learn to live with bacteria rather than encourage the mutation of the super-bugs we find in hospitals these days – but that’s another blog.)

Carefully+laid+out+skeletons+thought+to+be+from+a+14th+century+burial+groundSubsequently, the next morning, I was deep in thought about the Black Death plague that swept throughout Britain in 1348. (This was a time when people would deposit their chamberpots out of the bedroom window???) Ten minutes later I switched on the TV news to see that a mass grave full of Black Death victims had been unearthed during digging work on a new railway system in London.

I’ve experienced ‘coincidences’ regularly like these in recent years. So I’ve decided to keep a log of my (Law of Reversibility?) experiences and will keep you posted on what I learn. Please share with me what you learn should you choose to do this exercise.

It’s no coincidence that you’re reading this!

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr
Author of  Learn to Love and Be Loved in Return, 2012: a twist in the tail and Defrag your Soul


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