4 Warning Signs that Tell You “You’re not ready!”

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Can you recall a time when you set off on a venture and ignored or didn’t spot early warning signs that things were probably not going to go to plan? Those things are much easier to see in hindsight when “the milk has been spilt.” At the outset, our emotional attachment to the outcome is high. Those emotions however can cloud our vision of what’s possibly about to go awry.  We head down the path to disappointment. We can avoid the path to disappointment and setback, when we can read the “road-signs”.

Four warning signs that point to pending setback and disappointment (in a relationship, in business, in everyday life):

  1. You get upset easily; means your pride is hurt. When you get emotional quickly and easily, you give your power to those you get upset with. You are clouded with emotion. You cannot see out what to do. Others cannot see in. You isolate yourself.
  2. Less power leads to low self esteem. You don’t feel good about yourself. This leads to fear.
  3. Fear of further upset and isolation: in extreme cases you despair and turn to others and do their bidding – in order to maintain some form of connection. This is not love or friendship. It is….
  4. Mind control: someone else has you under their thumb. This is not love. It’s manipulation. You have no way out, until you find the courage to get out from under.

So we can start by acknowledging our vulnerabilities. Which means neither embrace or deny them. Instead learn from them. Accept them for what they are…. head trash that needs dealing with.

We can go it alone – but I’ve found solitude and contemplation takes a wee bit too long for me.  Instead I seek help… either through a group or an “energy healer”.

When you ready yourself to learn, your teacher will appear -and vice versa.

And should you choose to do nothing about it? Prepare yourself.

Because…. ( a definition for not taking responsibility)

“When the rocket is lit, your backside will appear.”

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr


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