You Inner Darkness Beckons your Light

That part of you; the darkness in your psyche; it fills the gap between your personality and True Self. Many people mistake this darkness as something to fear.

Fear not, it beckons your light. Its unseen map, once illumined, shows you the way to your complete self.

It differs from your inner teacher and inner child. Its direct messages pull no punches. It sometimes can transmit its messages without words – you experience an instantaneous download of resources and programming. You may not articulate ably these resources given you. Nonetheless, you receive them. You experience them for yourself. You know. You have no need to explain them to anyone else.

We are blinded when we look at noon day sun. At night, when no clouds (emotions) block our view, we can see infinity.

The glory lies in the darkness. Tis there we find the path to our True Self and purpose in life.

Darkness, thus, serves a purpose in our lives. A purpose equally as important as The Light. Neither embrace your darkness nor deny it. Avoid trying to control it. That will make you into a false sun that rules, and is ultimately ruled ,by fear (not Love).

Instead shine your Light (Love) into it unconditionally. Ask for, but expect nothing, to receive everything.

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr


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