Health = Mind and Body at Ease. Not-Health = Dis-ease (extract from Defrag your Soul).

Let me start by announcing:

  1. I have no medical qualifications whatsoever.
  2. Before you make any decision about your health, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

well being

My interest in the mind-body connection to physical well-being really took off in 2006 when attending an Introduction to Meta-Medicine® course facilitated by Susanne Billander[1]. I submitted myself to and delivered (under supervision) basic therapy sessions. I found out first hand that there was something to the relationship between mind, body and the environment we live in.

Photo from The  University of the West of England site.

Thousands of client case studies of the ‘mind-body connection’ causes of ill health have been researched. The links between significant emotional events (singular points in time triggered by a traumatic or near-traumatic experience) and the diseases that can ensue as a result are well established. The International Meta-Medicine Association®[2] (IMMA) now offers training and certification as an Integrative Health Consultant in mind-body healing. Integrative Medicine is still not regarded seriously by many of the mainstream scientific, medical authorities, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Interest is growing though, thanks to people like Rob Van Overbruggen (author of The Healing Psyche), Susanne Billander (author of The Secret of Cancer and Other Diseases), Dawson Church (author of The Genie in your Genes), and Bruce Lipton (author of The Biology of Belief).

Professor João Magueijo[3] writes how science has an “argumentative tradition” and “has no shortage of very clever people who love to show off”. In fairness, Professor Magueijo extols how such an environment has merits. It increases the rigour and diligence by which new science sets out to prove its worth. But… (and this is a deliberate but)

There exists a conflict of interest, especially a financial interest, between Allopathic (conventional) and Integrative (alternative) Medicine. One cannot help but suspect that ‘very clever people’ (scientists, marketers and politicians) are using their talent to defend against, if not attack, Integrative Medicine – and corner the supply of herbal remedies to the public in the UK. In the name of ‘science’, they seek to protect and expand the financial and illusionary sacrosanct ‘turf’ of multi-billion dollar industries in pharmacy and healthcare.

Meta-Medicine®, in my mind, is now a well grounded science. 

The nub of the scientific research reveals that all disease is linked to significant emotional events in our lives. The onset of every disease is preceded by an unexpected, unwanted, deeply upsetting event.

Put another way, the ontology of this research implies that all disease (= dis-ease) begins in the mind – which means: to heal we first need to put our minds at ease, i.e. we must change our interpretation of the significant emotional event that we attracted before the onset of our disease.

In practise we are often unwilling to talk about significant emotional events or the symptoms of the disease.

  • The event may be so traumatic that we refuse to acknowledge it. We literally blot it out from our conscious thinking or, at very least, we refuse to talk about it.
  • We may feel shame about the event. It weakens or destroys a self image that we dearly wish to hold on to, and project on to others.
  • We may feel shame about the ‘weakness’ we would reveal by talking openly about our malady. We feel embarrassed. We don’t wish to be seen as a second class citizen.
  • We may fear the consequences of being told that we have a serious health condition. We fear possible ‘future fear’. We fear a possibility that we don’t want to happen. We ignore early symptoms. We stick our head in the sand, metaphorically speaking, and hope the symptoms go away.
  • We may even lack the self worth needed to call out for help. We may feel we don’t deserve others’ attention. We don’t want those that we love and care about to worry about us. We place their emotional wellbeing before our own.
  • We may be in a Machiavellian environment (for example, in corporate business or politics) where problems translate into weakness. Where there lurk many, envious of our power, who will seize the opportunity to brings us down, and hopefully gain our power.

If there is one piece of wisdom to counteract all the above, it’s this:

 Love and care for yourself wholly so that you can love and care for others wholly too. You cannot give to others that which you do not give to yourself first.

(Continued in Defrag your Soul)

Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

[1]  Susanne Billander, META-Medicine® Master Trainer, META-Health Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Based Technique, Vortex Healing®, Soulrealignment® ref:

[3] Faster than the Speed of Light, by João Magueijo, cosmologist and professor in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. He is a pioneer of the varying speed of light (VSL) theory.

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  1. #1 by charlesbfit on January 17, 2013 - 12:27

    Bless you Paul…the connection between body and Mind is something i believe in it like a religion and i wish this info was absorbed by more people .I live it and fight to stay mentally and physically fit and to help others close to me . God bless you

    • #2 by Doctapaul on January 17, 2013 - 16:50

      hey Charles, You’re looking good! Great website. Happy 2013 and thank you for your words of encouragement.
      Shine on…!

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