Relationships Change

Some people are unconscious of the need for change in their lives. When changes start to happen suddenly, they can be quite upsetting and unpleasant. The changes may even take the form of accidents, which are often an unconscious and inadvertent release of subconscious tension.

Relationships change. Our souls can feel stifled, even bored, when we stop seeking their quest. One or both parties start to feel “held down” too much. The relationship may break up. You can avoid this when you and your partner open yourselves to new and challenging experiences. But first, find a new purpose for your relationship consciously. Write it down. It should be different and congruent with each of your individual purposes.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do. But some roads are better than others.

If we select not the best road we encounter the karmic consequences. We may lose ourselves but we can’t hide.

I have learnt that the road is always there.

I ask for the wisdom to choose it and stay on it.

Shine on…!

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