The Role of the Seer

For most of us. life’s journey is a long and winding path.

Maybe you don’t see the way and feel lost. Maybe you only see a few steps in front of you. Maybe you see many. You see all the possibilities in life open to you. You become visionary, a see-er, a seer.

Image from Sacred Gates Art Shop.

A seer doesn’t see the future. A seer sees within. They can see inside themselves and see the steps they need to take, for their own life’s journey. They see the consequences of inaction. They see the consequences of inappropriate or unhelpful action.  They see the best course of action and take it.

The more accomplished a seer becomes in mapping and taking their own journey, the more they can help and the more others they can help too.

A seer teaches us to see for ourselves. A seer helps us to see the choices  (and consequences) we give ourselves. Seers help us to become seers for ourselves.

They don’t need to be perfect. They don’t need to have grandiose qualifications. They just need to be higher or better at it than the people who come to them for help.

The seer’s role is to lead others to be as good, if not better, than they are at Love. Once they’ve accomplished this feat, their job is done.

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