“White Space” – The Customers’ Problems We Don’t Know About

I pondered about the conundrum of “White Space”. The problems and wants (leading to opportunities for you, me, us) that (non-existing and existing) customers have that we don’t know about.

One morning, something came to me in my waking conscious about “The unheard voice of the customer.”

Here’s what popped up first…

The outside is sent as a mirror to what’s inside.

To find White Space, that problem you don’t yet know that customers have. To start, look for the problem in yourself that you don’t know yet.

So how about finding answers to the following questions:

  • What problems/opportunities exist in the organisation that the Board doesn’t know about?
  • What problems/opportunities do the Board have that the rest of the organisation doesn’t know about?
  • What problems exist that customers don’t know about?

Use this data to inform a customer research programme to find the unheard voice of the customer….….

  • What met or unmet expectations do customers have that we don’t know about? (How do we stack up?)
  • What problems do customers have that we/competition don’t know about (especially those we/competition contribute to)?
  • What would happen if these problems and expectations were met (even surpassed)?
  • What new opportunities might we help customers create for themselves (value creation)?
  • So how can we get ahead of the wave to create new value?

Mmmm this could be some project…. What thinks you?
Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

  1. #1 by the law of attraction pdf on May 22, 2014 - 04:47

    We need to follow our intuitions, but also not get caught up in our emotions either.
    According to Faradays law of electromagnetic induction, when a current carrying
    conductor is placed in a magnetic field (that is, if the conductor cuts the magnetic
    field), an EMF is induced or produced in a conductor and
    if a closed path is provided, current flows through it.
    Now, the Biblical Law of Attraction and God’s will can, and should work together in your life.
    If you tune into how you feel, you will discover that all low-frequency substances – food, drugs, alcohol –
    cause you to feel less than good for days after consuming them.
    On the other hand if you are feeling excited about getting to experience something
    delightful and paying a lot of fun attention to it in your thoughts and
    feelings, you are attracting more of that energy into your life.

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