Bean counting to boost sales performance – the antiquated way to sell more beans

“We count the beans in the sack, by size category. When we don’t have enough beans, we count them by colour – then by shape – then by country of origin. We find out who’s not selling beans very well and lean on them to get their act together. We find out who’s selling beans really well and incraese their quota to sell more beans. That’s how middle and senior management spend most of their time.” – Top 5 Global IT firm’s European Sales Director

Data when syntaxed and grouped becomes information, becomes knowledge when we understand what the information means, becomes wisdom when we know what to do with it.

A (perhaps over) simple example…
Information: Sales performance data is varied across the organisation. We categorise by product, region or individual so we find out what’s selling well, where it’s selling well and who’s selling well.

Knowledge: So far so good but as yet what’s going on below the surface? What is that the top performers are doing differently to everyone else?

Wisdom: How can we get everyone else to mimic them, fast?

When everyone has access to the best wisdom available and can apply it – you have the opportunity to take a quantum step (20%-30% more?) up in people’s performance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in sales, marketing, engineering, supply chain mgt, finance – you name it. BUT….

In order to make this transformation happen you need to totally transform your approach to learning (from your top performers), training, development and equipping people to do their work well. For this to work properly it all needs to become real time. There are only a handful of organisations, I know of, in the world trying such a “real time approach”. It takes a bit longer to explain than this blog permits.

“To increase sales you need to get in the sack with the beans and use the wisdom of the biggest and better beans to grow the little beans and more beans at the same time.”…. me


Shine on…!
Paul C Burr

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