Astrological musings: align your management team with planetary forces

Photo credit to Salvatore Vuono

Big business needs to and will change. To change, leaders need a new (and Ancient, I suggest) way of going about business for the benefit of all mankind, not just the shareholders and wealthy.

I have a book , in me, that I was gonna write two yrs ago – Druidism in Business. Here’s an extract that I will turn into a chapter or two. I intend, in later blogs, to delve into specific relationships twixt planets – and twixt Sun and each planet respectively.

  1. The Sun (does the CEOing) – Shines Truth and Wisdom on all aspects of the business. In the noon day Sun we cast no shadow. Nothing is hidden, everything is revealed.
  2. Mercury – Articulate, deep thinker, shares wisdom. Communicates on behalf of the organisation, internally and externally. The winged messenger of the Gods; the harbinger of Truth.
  3. Venus – Creates the wealth through canny and passionate financial management. The financier of abundance within the organisation. Values beauty and elegance – especially in finance. Breaks the traditional mould because she balances her Love for success with her Love for the organisation’s people. Gets on well with Sister Moon.
  4. Moon – Cares for the emotional well being and intelligence of the organisation.
  5. Mars – The warrior, the go getter, especially when the going gets tough. Needs to work well with Venus and Moon to avoid “blood on the tracks”.
  6. Jupiter – Responsible for the growth and development of people and resources. Prepares everyone and everything, “to surf ahead of the wave that Neptune sends his way.”
  7. Saturn – Grounded, manages the infrastructure, business processes, governance and compliance of the organisation. Attention to detail. Anything that isn’t working is dealt with quickly.
  8. Neptune – Strategic Business Developer, looks at the global picture, swims the uncharted seas of opportunity. Discerns opportunities for growth aligned to the purpose (porpoise? J) of the organisation. Avoids waters of illusion.
  9. Uranus – (Che Guevara) works fast, agile, non-mainstream, challenges traditional thinking and the modus operandi. Manages projects (Skunk Works) that bring about abrupt changes to the power structure and processes. Always on the lookout for new (low cost) technology (weaponry) that will transmute the organisation’s effectiveness rapidly. Needs to integrate with Saturn’s down to earth approach to day to day business life, and fill the Moon’s emotional chalice with security – once the revolution is over. Call for Che when something needs fixing fast but beware there might be blood on the tracks, metaphorically speaking.
  10. Pluto – Manages those areas of the business that are better brought to a close and those that will (re)born as a consequence. Looks at the total energy available. Needs to work closely with the Moon to manage transitions.

I want to add 3 more influences to make 13 in total. I’m still musing but ask for your suggestions please.

Shine on…!

Paul C Burr

  1. #1 by Bernard H on August 28, 2011 - 01:36

    The obvious ones are 11. North Node of moon 12. South Node of moon 13. Chiron

    But also consider Part of Fortune, Midheaven, Vertex, Ascendant – more intangible than planets or nodes but important as ‘definitions’ of directions. Perhaps another section on these wd be better.

    Let there be Light! ?

    • #2 by Doctapaul on August 30, 2011 - 09:45

      Thanks Bernard. can we chat through these pls?

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