Tend (Y)our Garden

My Dark Cloud thickens.
Neither can I see within or without.
I rage.
I weep.
I fear, I alone.

Behind my pride, clouded in emotion,
My soul, thrown and tumulted,
At last crys…
“ENOUGH! Be gone.
Blacken my view, no more.
Let the storm clouds break.”

I pour water on Upset, Resentment and Guilt.
An angel rescues me from the abyss.
The Dark Cloud (my fear) fades,
I see what lies beyond,
A mirror of my own self,
My unkempt garden.

I tend my garden.
And help you with yours.
Tis the same garden.
Not ours to own – but to share.

In that garden grows the Love I, not I, we have for all mankind.
Tis called Eden.

Shine on…!

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